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January 19, 2005


PZ Myers

Was it the beard in my picture on the main page that gave me away?


That was one tipoff. :-)


Yesterday, a female scientist told me that she tries to ignore gender discrimination in her profession, because she can't tolerate the thought of feeling angry all the time. She said she was afraid that if she identified and responded angrily to one instance of discrimination, then that would make it easier to notice a second, and a third, until finally there would be no time left to be happy. This sort of attitude typifies, I think, the sense of hopelessness that some women feel about their ability to stop the damaging effects of gender bias in their own careers.

Why haven't women been more successful in fighting against gender bias in the workplace, and what can they do to change that so that the average female feels empowered to act against discriminatory events - both large and small - in her daily life?

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