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January 20, 2005



All advocates of equality, particularly female scientists, should adopt a zero tolerance policy toward national figures who demonstrate their bias against women through professional activities or public statements. Larry Summers should thus be forced to resign.

Summers' track record of refusing promotion to increasingly large percentages of female candidates for tenure at Harvard should be considered sufficient evidence of his unwillingness to regard women as equals to men in academia to support a call for his resignation. Summers' discriminatory statements against women cannot be substantiated by the very literature that he cited, which clearly demonstrates that he is inappropriately educated on the subject of women's equality issues to continue to preside over one of this nations most highly acclaimed coed instituions of higher learning. Summers not only demonstrated his willingness to accept as fact the unsubstantiated premise that women are innately inferior to men in the sciences, but he had already moved on to hypothesize wildly about the physical causes that might explain his unsubstantiated premise. Therefore, Larry Summers must not even be aware of the sensitivity that people feel about women's equality issues, or else he would not have publically voiced his unsubstantiated and highly offensive personal biases against women to an audience filled with female professors at his very own university.

All the evidence indicates that Larry Summers can never truly understand the outrage that his statements provoked, and that his apologies merely represent a personal plea to be able to continue his tradition of male dominance at Harvard. Let's not miss this opportunity to replace Larry Summers with a Harvard University president that we can all proudly support.

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