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February 15, 2005



When was Walmart declared an independent nation that had the "right" to define its' own laws? Oh, okay, Walmart only has the right to act as judge and jury if they can get the legal issue off their desk in 15 days or less. How they remove the problem is apparently their own business, and their business involves making more money. The Walmart sweetheart deal defines a hush-hush period of zero accountability in order to increase company profits, and a deal like this doesn't come free.

What *exactly* did Walmart offer to this administration in exchange for a period of "free reign" over the laws of the land? Keep an eye out for clues in the news, because the real deal is probably not publically available for scrutiny, and unfortunately, Walmart may have even gotten the upper hand during the negotiations. The only part of the Walmart deal that we really know anything about is that justice is surely under attack again.

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