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May 10, 2005


Mark Paris

I am here because of Chris Mooney's post about this critical post. I suggest that your readers check out Chris's original piece and then think about what you say and what he says. It will be a useful exercise.


Mike, that's an excellent point about how the ivory-bill rediscovery got the Bush administration to do something real and concrete, and not just the usual words.

Mark, thanks for your comment and I agree that would be a useful exercise.


got myself a leica m6 after using diiagtl for the past 6 years (i did use film 15 years ago during studies).. I have actually bee blown away by the differnence i can see after shooting 3 films there is nothing that can reproduce the feel of fim I think it may be someting to do with manual focus, but it's also simply film (emulsion) v diiagtl (pixels)there is an underlying difference that is difficult to explain, but so obvious once you start using film again.

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