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May 11, 2005



My question is what are the alerts for? Why would US intelligence agencies want to give an opponent a feedback mechanism? An opponent makes a move, then watches what happens, thus probing the depths of our intelligence apparatus.

The alerts do not have to correlate to any particular events or popularity numbers in order to be political. The general climate of fear is a political weapon to forge agreement on otherwise unpopular endeavors.

The terror alerts cause the people in my hometown to put flags on their cars and drive up and down the street like scared rabbits. This is the purpose, the more scared rabbits, the better for the people running the show.


Thanks for you comments, macrocosmos. You raise some good points.


Job loss as a paceentrge of the working population would tell a better story.This is deliberately misleading.


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Thanks for the link!"Blood Price" was the first urban fantasy novel I read, so it's a 'personal clissac' for me. I haven't stopped reading this genre since then... ~_^"Heat". Oh my. I wish authors would stop adding unnecessary, often painfully clumsy sex scenes to their stories because today a book needs "heat" - it's not sexy, it's annoying. Attraction between characters is not gymnastics. Sorry. End of rant. I have nothing against sex scenes where they make sense for the plot, but this is kind of a sore point for me as a reader. Do I have to mention how much I like the way you describe attraction between your protagonists? ^_^

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