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September 07, 2005



Thanks for hosting! Lots of good reading.

BTW, I'm a woman (she not he) - Hsien-Hsien Lei of the Genetics and Public Health Blog. I know Chinese names can be cryptic.

Peter Bryant

Lei, thanks for correcting me. That is certainly an embarrassing mistake!


Please don't worry about it! Sometimes it's an advantage to be thought of as a man. ;)


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This article also gave a new inghsit to ethnography because it mainly gave examples of how ethnography is used and what accomplishments it has achieved. Finding out from the companies what this research method has done for them really proves that it is affective and probably the best the research method. My dad works for GE so it was really interesting to read about them and how they made such a difference in their company and how they are continuing to grow. They started out with a goal in mind but once the research was completed they came up with a more successful solution. Thats interesting how the research alters plans and ideas. In the first article I was explained what ethnography is and how it works but in this article I learned the aftermath of the research and what it does for the researcher or company. I saw the success of it.


I had to make a couple long (~1300 mile each way) road trips this year. On the trips out, I was retsed when I left but I knew that every mile out meant driving that same mile going home. The trip home seemed a little faster but I was more tired at the beginning.On a trip to Mars, the crew will not only have a long, long voyage ahead of them but the constant strain of danger. They'll have the most dangerous parts like landing on Mars, operating in a hostile environment for extended periods, and launching for the return trip. Once they've left Mar's orbit for the trip home, most of the really dangerous parts are behind them.

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