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January 26, 2006



Michael and I can not get over these!!!!! I think there is real and great joy when you know you've been lsbseed to find love like this and so that is all we could be on that day, we were lsbseed and joyful and very excited. Tina, ( I call her Tina ) and Aaron did amazing!!! and we knew they would!!! I didn't want them to think it was a wedding or work too hard cause I wanted them to have fun with us too! But clearly, they did amazing and captured moments so rich and real and details so beautiful that we will always be so indebted and grateful to them. We were literally squealing at the internet cafe in Jamaica when we first saw them. Then we could not wait to land in Memphis for our lay over to see the second batch. We can not get over them! They are out of this world! xoxo Tina & Aaron we love you!

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