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March 24, 2006



Hey, some great points, thakns for the detailed response if I understand correctly, you're asking at what point the function gets executed (once, at runtime, or later, whenever that property is accessed by the plugin)?In the example you posted, that (function() {} )() parameter would be executed immediately (the double parens after the function definition, (), cause that) and so the result of that anonymous function (the string) is passed into the imaginary plugin. Thus, the value of App.buildQuery() at the moment of runtime, is passed in as a string, which probably wasn't the intention.In you were to just define that function without those final parens, the function itself would be passed in, for example:url: function() { return app.buildQuery() // app.buildQuery() returns a string;}After that, it's down to the plugin or library author to state that this function should be executed to return its value. An example of this, based on the example source from Backbone.js above, is like so:// Get the url option, from either function or string:var stringResult = (typeof options.url === "function") ? options.url() : options.url;NB: In that example above, you could skip that function() {} part entirely if it's a simple return value of the function, you could just pass in the function object e.g. url: app.buildQuery (note the lack of parentheses, which means that this function will be called every time the parameter is accessed, instead of being executed once at the beginning)Hope this helps!


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Dear lsu: Texas is a good, and they have no income tax will ettasal.Federal in the range of 15-20%. From Social Security Medicare 6% + + 1.5%. So his 30% is a little high and 17% is a bit bajo.Este council was prepared based on tax legislation in force at the time was written as it applies to the facts you provided. Click on my profile to read more. Errol Quinn Registered Agent.


i think these are among the best you've done. both girls are beautiful; i'm aetinoshsd at what a young lady b is and the other b - could there be a more fabulous shot than the one of her leaning up against the barn with those clear blue eyes. just beautiful.


Thank you everyone! I loved pnrhogoaptihg these girls! Monica, I told Christina I wanted to come to C in the Fall and do pictures for her Christmas cards. Would love to see you!


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Awesome congrats Mally and Katie on a job well done! Your dcioeatdin is so impressive this service award shows how your continued committment to excellence pays off! Nice! Go Orange!


Oh Somer, I had no idea you were in Ike's path! (And as you can see, I'm way behind in my blog readnig too, except I don't have a good excuse like you.) I'm so glad to hear you're all okay!!! But I'm sure life was/is extremely trying without power for so long!


What needs to be addressed as far as the Texas uompelnyment numbers is the fact that Texas employs more low-level income/wage jobs than any other state in the country. Sure, there is less government-defined uompelnyment, but one ought to look at income distribution of this employment. I would be surprised if Texas wasn't the state with the most jobs that pay under living wages, which is a huge strike against it considering it boasts the lowest uompelnyment of the country. Rick Perry = idiot.


Avelox is an antibiotic degensid to kill bacteria. And it doesn't usually affect blood tests.But you should let your doctor know about all the drugs you are taking. Because if you are taking more than one drug. Then you can have drug interactions and side effects associated with that.


over arching theems we played with. During post, I made the decision to go with one specific story [SEE HERE]. Sometimes I will make the decision to go with a few images from each wardrobe change and just


Thanks, Ella. I think the cartoon works on many more lveles as well. The economy is one thing, but the standing of the US on the world stage in international affairs and its reputation for civil liberties are huge casualties of these past 8 years.It's tragic and yet perhaps it's not surprising that the last few days of this Wartime Presidency should have been used for the cynical propagation of war and pointless massacre in the Middle East, the area where foreign policy so consistently backfired for Dubya.The unilateral approach simply didn't work, and the knee-jerk support of Israel can't justifiably continue when its government is implicated in atrocities and war crimes in Gaza on a ruthless and inhuman scale.Once the crowds have left Washington on this historic Inauguration Day, there's an enormous amount of repair work to be done. Let's hope that your man and his team can live up to all our dreams and expectations.


That's absolutely blrnliait. Love it.Like all presidents, his investments are held in a blind trust during his term in office, so he won't find out till Wednesday what his portfolio looks like. And I hope he discovers, like so many of us, that it is one-fourth of what it was in August.As Texans (and other rednecks) say to those they're not sorry to see go, Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.


Thanks very much for featuring The Take on I know it's not etacxly cheap at $4.79 (my publisher's price!), but I'm very flattered that you saw fit to include it.


Oligonicella,I pretty much agree that the ineerntt was just an excuse, not a reason for this guy to go off--just as a Beatles' song was the "reason" behind the Manson murders.I am sure he has done some pretty angry things before before this incident and as Cham pointed out above, you would think that someone would have noticed, but they often don't in any job--look how many people act up angrily at work and get away with it. In academic setting, acted like a scary loon can be a plus.Actually the military seems to have less psychopaths than the normal population--I believe it is 1% in the military and 2% in the general population--New York City alone may have as many as 100,000 psychopaths according to Robert Hare in his book, "Without Conscience."Psychopathic traits are those that are most highly correlated to violence. We do not know, of course, if the perpetrator in this ineerntt case was psychotic (loss of contact with reality) or a psychopath (lack of empathy, impulsive, need for excitement etc). He may have been neither, just poor impulse control. But the point of this post is that this type of extremism where one lets anger get the better of them for no reason other than pure revenge is dangerous.


Sometimes if I feel I am being attacked on the inerentt, I will ruminate on it for a few days. I have participated in several message boards and they get tiring after a while. So far I like the blogs I frequent. I think the key is to find people you agree with on some topics. I really don't think I would ever go after a person. You would probably have to be somewhat psychotic. There was a woman once who annoyed me for several reasons and she always bragged about how she kept her personal information a secret. I was able to figure out her full name. I never tried to contact her and it was probably wrong to do. I should control my anger better next time. I would definitely be frightened if someone from the inerentt came to find me.Cham, my guess is that the military is not a perfect institution and you are going to have criminals involved. I would guess that they are a smaller proportion than the general population. But you also have to factor in that the military is training young men to kill and then they come back home and have to try and adjust to a normal life. Did you hear about the anti-war activist who shot airman ?


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I think Cham means the snipers got "dissed." Just like this Tavares guy.I hate to sound like an old geeezr, but when I was a lad only low-lifes killed each other over being dissed. (Just like only low-lifes brought knives and guns to school.)Are people in general more sensitive nowadays? Have they lost some kind of emotional buffer that once protected folks from minor insults and other situations in which life doesn't treat them fairly?I mean, it seems pretty obvious that these guys felt insulted, put down, lessened, deprived of their manhood or respect or whatever. So who the hell hasn't felt like this? What I don't understand is why the ego thing becomes a life-or-death issue.I don't think it's because of more violence in entertainment or lack of impulse control. More like low self-esteem or its flip-side...our old favorite, narcissism.


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Wow, you are very thorough! Thank you for all the links. What a gogoreus Gull. Can't imagine what it's doing in this neck of the woods though. I thought your pictures were great. At least you were able to SEE the Gull in person! Sharon


Hi! I live in Dallas. I grew up here in Texas and have vacationed ALL OVER this state.I think I can help you out.The best pceals for a vacation home are:Morgan's Point, on Lake Belton near Temple, TXToledo Bend on the far east side of Texas. It is a huge blue lake with every water sport known to man. Beautiful tall pines and sandy beaches.Concan, TX in the mountains on the western edge of Texas. You would love to vacation on the beautiful Rio Frio river there. The huge rocky cliffs are so colorful and the water is crystal clear.New Braunfels,TX is a quaint little German town in the heart of Texas. It is hilly and Is embedded in a forest.The famous Guadalupe river runs through it plus there are two lakes there. Actually there are a lot of small rivers also that converge there.They have many German restaurants and an award winning water park that is set in the woods with sandy beaches.Canoeing and kayaking is a popular sport on the Guadalupe River. I love it. Everybody does. It's beautiful and very popular. It's not that far from San Antonio.You might also be interested in beautiful Lake Travis on the edge of Austin. It has beautiful white cliffs and is another popular area for vacation homes.For a more rural spot, you might look into Kerrville,TX. It is beautiful. Very woodsy and it too is a hot spot for canoeing and kayaking down the rapids of the Guadalupe river.It isn't close to any large cities but it's beautiful and a great place to meet up with people from all over the state of Texas.If you like the city of Dallas, where I'm from, I suggest Lake Lewisville just north of here.These are my picks. I hope I helped.OH! I almost forgot! The beaches on the Gulf of Mexico here.I like Freeport,TX..It's near Houston.I also like Padre Island near Corpus Christi. The souther part of Padre Island known as South Padre Island is a good place too. It is crazy durring spring break though. It's one of the top hottest pceals to go durring spring break so I don't know if that's something you would be interested in but it's a beautiful place.The beaches anywhere along Padre Island are nice. It runs for miles and miles.References :


Have a great time! What a whirl wind! And please DO NOT LET your dad take any pirtuces with your new camera! However, I must admit, I wish his phone was working, I am really missing his crazy random phone pics that is sends me every hour on the hour when he goes on an adventure with you! Can he borrow yours (ha ha!) (at least to call!)Have fun, but don't wear your self out!Aunt Julz

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