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March 18, 2006



I wouldn't say I've given up. My point is just that from a scientific point of view, the alternate possibility (the null hypothesis), that it is a Pileated Woodpecker, cannot be conclusively ruled out. Even if Sibley's argument was less persuasive than Fitzpatrick's, the burden of real, verifiable proof is on Fitzpatrick to disprove the null hypothesis.


Sorry to misinterpret your position, Nuthatch.

While Fitzpatrick do have that burden, of course, they already have put together a compelling case. By not engaging that case in full, arguing for or against its strengths and weaknesses, Sibley appears to be (to put it perhaps a bit harshly) cheating.

We'll all know soon enough, though.


I can't believe how polarizing the debate has become over whether this bird still lives. Check out this intense, and entertaining, flame war! The Daily Green


Maybe a red-bellied woodpecker, then? They look epttry dramatic, too, and make plenty of noise. Yup, corvids are a fascinating family. Poets might like identify with ravens (and not just becasue of Poe), but I think most of the time we're more like magpies.


Let me tell you what I got my husband one year for his bairhdty. A Bill Bird In Hand from or Birds & Bloom (not sure which). It's a fake man that you put your own clothes on (like a scarecrow) except he has a hand that the birds feed out of. Eventually, they think YOU're Bill and will feed out of your hand. It was one of the best gifts I've even given my husband. What's funny is my neighbor would always wave to Bill thinking he was my husband! HAHA

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