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December 10, 2006



Found out that it's stuck in the House Calendar Committee, and they're the ones that are stalling to bring it to the floor for a vote. Make sure your rvetespntariee is in support of the bill, but also call the committee (512-463-0758) to request that they bring it to the floor for a vote.


Well Rich, first of all let me say thank you for posting a cnemmot and actually using a name! Kudos! It's not often that "drive by" readers bother to make themselves seem more like the rest of us (presentable).I would imagine that when you saw the name of my blog ("ConservaChick") you didn't immediately think to yourself, "Now THERE'S an unbiased blogger!" Am I correct? Of course I'm biased! I make no bones about it. I believe WHOLEHEARTEDLY that Conservatism is the one political ideology that honors the spirit of individualism that makes this country exceptional among the countries and nation states of the world. I am DEFINITELY not unbiased in that respect.Do I think that GOP politicians are any less corruptible than Dem politicians? Nope. I am a realist. Big money makes big friends. It's a fact and it's here to stay. However, because my blog is my realm, I get to choose my jabs when I write new posts. Truth be told, I am totally convinced of the corruptness of the Clinton machine and it's connection with China. It's no mistake that all those "bundled" contributions were from poor Chinese immigrants. It's obvious to me that you're a "drive by" reader, Rich. You taunt me as if you expect me to censor your cnemmotary. I suppose you're not aware of my "No Censorship" policy at ConservaChick. I do not, nor will I ever, censor the cnemmots section of my blog. I think it's best to let cnemmots stand as their own testament to the intellect of those who choose to cnemmot. So, my new found friend, feel free to rant any time you like about the white-male imposed slavery of others to the corporate machine, about how America is a bully unworthy of respect, and about how American society is unjust to "free thinkers." I'll never censor a single cnemmot. The cnemmots section is your soap box; step on up any time! Enjoy yourself.Thanks for stopping by, Rich.


not just us. EVERY single team IN MBL hates the Yankees: Marliners, Rangers, Red Sox, Mets, Giants, Angels, Indians, Astros, Rays, Cardinals, you name it. And you call us sore wnrneis?? Look in a mirror! Every time the Yankees win, the fans start acting like their gods. Basically shooting their mouth off to teams that have beaten them saying, Look we won again, we're so much better than the rest of you. No one but us deserves to play baseball That's your attitude dick


LOL ive watced every ruealgr season game for the past 11 years. The rangers have a strong actuall fan base. Not some bandwagon whore shit fanbase like the yankees do. Whatever looks like well be seeing you guys in the playoffs again. I wish you and youre team luck, but im done arguing. If you wanna talk actual baseball and not just argue back and forth im down, but were getting nowhere.

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