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February 20, 2007


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Sierra Lynch

I know this mulch fire is a big problem for humans. My question is are there any horses in the area? And if so, is there an effort underway to save them from this?

Sierra Lynch
Horse IQ

Linda Snuthers

Noone gives as shit:

The Helotes fires goes on and on and on. An estimate of a fire completely out date is just so much horse hockey... I hope your little town is struck by a plague of boils.... Fire and puss Helotes should be so proud of its record in putting out this fire!!!!!
Tired of all the lies!!!!!


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hi sir bud, txs for the reminder to visit ur page, i am actaully collecting your shots and make it my this month's screensaver @ my office PC..well, as usual i green with envy..i am really ur fan!ps: this remind too, to post something about atlantis..its recent party, and u know those A-lister peeps..rgds,


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Everything at Walnut Springs is budding out, Candy. I torued the ranch this morning, we even have bluebonnets peeping out, lots of young deer and antelope. The highlight of my day was earning my Turtle Badge by helping a red-earred slider cross the road. You and Walter need to come to Johnson City and visit, it's been too long. Maybe a re-branding of you guys! Have you met Jasmin Arpin yet? She's the new marketing sherriff on the ranch.


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I would LOVE a copy of this book! I have been adding naked foods to my diet, and my book cotclleion is pretty dismal. Sweet potato curry? Really? YUM! I would love this book as the people of my house are adjusting to my way of eating, which I am still trying to figure out. We have lots going on (Vegan lives with a non vegan IBS guys who does best on vegan diet) and we are looking for ways for us both to be healthy while keeping it a little simple.I live in Missouri!


Thanks Treesa for offering this, I could this book for pre-holiday inoasrptiin and assistance. Having a different than my family diet seems to put a target on my back at holiday time that is always draining. This year I wish to not let it bother me.Rizena, MA

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