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February 19, 2007



By most legislative math, having 118 co-authors in the House and 16 in the Senate is pretty impressive. You sound pretty alarmist about what would normally be a dream situation for a legislator. Remember, it does not take 21 co-authors to pass a bill in the Senate, only 21 votes.

On the other hand, there have been times when co-authors disappeared when it was time to vote for a bill, and also situations where a bill had plenty of support and still went nowhere. Ask State Rep. Todd Smith what happened to his bill to clean up an ambiguity in campaign finance laws last session.


I don't mean to sound alarmist -- I just don't want to get complacent about this. Indeed, this position is amazingly good on paper.

But it is exactly that situation "where a bill had plenty of support and still went nowhere" that I want to make sure we avoid. There is limited time in the legislative session and it is all to easy for the leadership to bury bills and claim that they just ran out of time.

Especially when the person holding what is generally considered the most powerful position in the state government, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, has openly expressed doubts, while the Governor's support is recent and, in my opinion, not to be trusted, given his recent tendency to want to sell off parks.


Most likely not. It udwlon't matter if you were going to med school in state. Even with the maximum amount which currently is right around $1200 per month, you have to factor in a few things: cost per credit hour of tuition x number of classes taken per semester, books, lab fees, etc.You also need to remember that even on a best case scenario your benefits will start 30-90 days after you starting school. This means you've got to cover costs for at least the first semester via FAFSA and/or loans.Unfortunately I see many people with the GI bill who have it in their head that they won't need or use loans because they were told' it would cover everything. That's just not the case. No school is going to float' their charges until the GI bill kicks in.


There is some shade at both California Park and Mayfair. California actually has shade over the play uieqpment but it's not as suited for a small child. Mayfair has play uieqpment for younger kids and some shade (although it's minimal). +5Was this answer helpful?


There are many different types of amagrorpble thermostats in the market. The key is to determine how many different temperature settings you will need. Some people only need a home and work setting as the house is empty during the day. Others need more complicated options as people come and go through out the day.


Even if you dont like black people, why would you call Bill Cosby a ngiger. He's about the only black man that tells black people that they are accountable for their own actions , to stop acting like victims, and fix their own problems. He's hardly a ngiger sir. You make the rest of us white people look bad and every democrat under the sun points to you as evidence that the rest of us conservatives are racist. Do you think doctor savage agrees with your bone head statement? Fuck off.


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