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March 31, 2007



Dear B and B,

Do you have any thoughts on the current mayoral race in San Antonio? I'm also from San Antonio, and all I keep hearing about is how this race is a shoe-in for Hardberger because he's raised the most money. Does this make him the best candidate? What about the half dozen other candidates that are running? I want to see someone who's got a better track record with the environment and the public than Hardberger.



margarita, I have to admit that I have paid little attention to the mayoral race. Mayor Hardberger, as far as I know, has done a pretty good job. And the candidates running against him, at least the ones I know about, are right-wingers who I would never consider voting for (even if I could vote in the SA election, which I cannot, since I am just outside the city limits).

What are your criticisms of Hardberger on "the environment and the public"?


margarita, I found your blog, and there, the answer to my question. Apparently there is at least one non-right-winger running against Hardberger, after all. Eiginio Rodriguez. Thanks for letting me know about him.


stewardship? The government owns over half the land, west of the mississippi. I can see no valid reason for this. This is not the purpose of government, which is protecting human rights. The government should immediately sell all land holdings. It can create corporations with deed covenants and/or org charters to protect the parks. For example, create a corporation called YellowstoneNationalPark, with a share given to each US citizen.


What are your criticisms of Hardberger on "the environment and the public"?

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