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March 07, 2007



Maybe we could put casinos in parks and that way they could pay for themselves. Otherwise how are a bunch of chipmunks and birds going to raise the needed revenue? We know that the people of Texas are not inclined to raise the money needed for a first-rate park system.


I think the people of Texas very much support parks -- witness how much attention this issue has gotten in recent months once became became aware of the severity of the problems. Look at the vast majority of legislators of both parties who are suddenly signing on as co-authors of the bill to eliminate the cap on the amount of the sporting goods tax dedicated to parks.

But we shall see whether their (i.e., our) attention span is enough to follow through and keep up the work over the long-term.

John Kallaher

Why do politicians steal money raised from taxes honestly supported by persons buying sporting goods and licenses and spend that money dishonestly by redirecting it into the State of Texas general funds coffers? This is a stab in the back to Texas sportsmen and women. I am madder than a wet hornet over this issue. People need to vote these Judas Iscariot mentality politicians out of office. We have too many crooks running our state!


if you want public cohsols to get what they need you have to vote for politicians who make them a priority, not property tax cuts. Maybe now that message will start to get through.I hope you're right, but I doubt it. The disconnect between wanting services and actually paying for services seems huge here in Texas.


The NRA lobbied hiavely for it and was a small but significant victory. the problem was that parts of some freeways etc were part of these national parks so people couldn't carry them while ont he freeway. he was under heavy pressure from several organizations to do this and it wasn't him it was the supreme court. The case was brought that the 2nd amendment only applied to militias and since we have a standing army militias are no longer around. Supreme court decided this was not their interpretation of the 2nd amendment.


Having watched both High Noon and Rio Bravo recnetly, I agree on the points mentioned. High Noon is a left wing version of a western. It shows a man alone against great odds vs Rio Bravo where help was actually being refused. Both films are entertaining in their own rights as they have excellent actors doing what they do best. I do not have to like their politics to like the movies. John Wayne is John Wayne, right wing tool right up there with Charlton Heston, that does not mean I will boycott their films. I am watching actors not politics. I still need to see the remakes of Rio Bravo as well to get a better idea as to the genre. Lately I seem to be watching more westerns, not a favorite genre but I am getting more open minded in my old age. Anyway, thanks for putting this up.

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