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April 04, 2007



Could this be an attack on the food supply?
I remember hearing years ago that one legit bizz the
Al Qaedas had was honey sales.


Remember, "Global Warming" is only a theory promoted by scientists seeking more government funding and former politicians who have a stake in carbon offset companies (Gore). Heard of the saying "follow the money"? Mars is also experiencing warming. Hmm, sounds like the sun may be the culprit. So, "Global Warming" isn't causing the bees to fly away in some massive collective suicide to protest the Bush administration.

Probably not al-qaeda, those guys are a bunch of boobs. Everybody knows TWO planes didn't bring down THREE skyscrapers. Whatever did it wasn't jet fuel and it wasn't plotted by cave-dwelling muslim thugs.

The theory about cell phone radiation affecting the bees' navigation seems like a much more plausible explanation.


Ha, i like the idea of a terrorist attack on our food supply. That also explains tainted spinache...
It might even be the Chem-trails, and weather manipulating machines owned by the yakuza.

BUT if you act now, i'll send you an ORGONE chem-trail cloud buster, plus a free magnetic bracelet.

i would agree with mike that the cellphone theory sound most plausible. Or, the fact that the suns EM radiation has changed in recent years.

But seriously, this "sudden disappearance of bees" it was not at all sudden, it has been happening for a few years now, only that it doesn't seem to be stopping. But once again the media needs to pounce on something that has been happening and make it news.


Scientists need to eliminate whether or not the hive itself has been contaminated with some toxin that is killing or driving away the bees.
One newspaper article says that once the hives are abandoned, other invading
and normally maurading bees do not take over these abandoned hives. Why not?
Could it be that something in these abandoned hives is repelling them?
As a test, what happens if a new colony is introducted to an abandoned box/hive?
If a brand new cleaned out box/hive is used, how often are these new boxes
also abandoned - as compared to old re-used ones? Are they using new materials,
paints on the hives? If so, try using all natural materials...

Dan Fowlks

Lifespan of a bee -
The queen can live from 2-5 years. The drone lives 40-50 days. Drones are male bees. Most of the bees are workers.They are females. They work hard making honey and stinging for defense! They live from 1-4 months. The life cycle of the worker bee: Egg (3 days), Larva (6 days), Pupa (12 days). This is a total of 21 days from egg (baby) to adult worker.

Lifespan of a trout -
Brown trout spawn in the fall, a little later than brook trout, when water temperatures are in the mid-40s to high 40s. Eggs are deposited in a stream gravel depression that the female prepares with swimming actions of her fins and body. Large females produce 4,000 to 12,000 eggs. Several males may accompany the female during spawning. The eggs hatch the following spring, with no parental attention. Brown trout eat aquatic and terrestrial insects, crayfish and other crustaceans, and especially fish. The big ones may also eat small mammals (like mice), salamanders, frogs and turtles. Large browns feed mainly at night, especially during the summer. Their life span in the wild can be 10 to 12 years.

Bees pollinate everything that flowers - not just the pretty flowers we see going in the fields but the flowers on food crops like strawberries, lettuce, almonds, oranges, lemons and on and on - in other words, everything we spread sludge and/or treated wastewater on.

Is it possible that the mutations we've seen documented in fish (with a lifespan of 10 to 12 years) are happening at a relatively faster rate to bees? A report I read recently suggested that scientists are looking at a virus or plague of sorts that might be killing off the bees. I might suggest that they start looking at possible mutations caused by the endocrine disruptors commonly found in sludge and treated waste water. Maybe the bees just can't reproduce anymore.

Tom Booth

Pesticides containing Imidacloprid have been implicated and after this insecticide was banned in France, Beekeepers there reported improvements in the health of their hives, though this took several years as the substance remains in the soil and is taken up by plant roots.

The substance is still widely used in the US for everything from lawn care products to flea powder, termite eradication seed coatings and insect and animal repellents.

It is commonly used in orchards and farms to control or kill aphids and other sap sucking bugs, even added directly to irrigation water.

Bees drink lots of water and I believe also use it to cool the hive in hot weather.

What if it is a hot day and the bees use Imidacloprid laden water from an irrigation ditch?

The effect of this nerve toxin on termites includes disorientation. The termites wander about unable to find their way back to the nest.

I wonder if anyone has considered the possibility of aphids transmitting Imidacloprid to honeybees and other insects as well as the birds, bats, fish etc. that may eat these honeydew consuming bugs?

Imidacloprid is used in orchards and on crops to control aphids but I have seen reports that the aphids build up a resistance to the toxin. It reduces their number but does not eliminate them. How much Imidacloprid might be present in the honeydew honeybees collect from Imidacloprid resistant aphids?

I think this might explain much of the so-called "mysteries" such as;

Some hives are effected while others are not, even though side by side in the same location.

As a former beekeeper, I know that Bees have preferences and do their work as a group. When one bee finds a source of food, or water, thousands more bees from the same hive will follow.

Some hives will find honeydew or one source of water, while other adjacent hives will collectively gather nectar from some specific type of flower or utilize some other source of water. Bees are territorial and a whole hive acts in common.

Some colonies of bees seem to have a preference for honeydew.

according to some reports I've read, the largest disappearances of bees often occur in the off season when few if any flowers are in bloom. At such times bees will often turn to honeydew from aphids as an alternative source of nourishment.

Imidacloprid levels are higher in the sap of plants and trees which the aphids feed on directly but relatively low in the nectar.

Bees will collect honeydew from aphids on virtually any kind of plant, including non-flowering plants and trees that are not normally a source of nectar or pollen.

Desperate hungry bees will often only consume honeydew as a last resort, thus they would tend to consume it right away rather than storing it in the hive therefore leaving little evidence in the hive or in any honey left in the hive.

Other theories, such as the weakening of the Earth's magnetic field, cell phone towers and so forth would probably have an equal effect on ALL the hives in or brought to a certain location not just some of them.

Another clue is that Imidacloprid is used as an animal and insect repellent. If a hive became contaminated with high enough levels of this substance, from continuous evaporation of contaminated irrigation water perhaps... Not only bees and other insects but also animals would stay away after the bees themselves leave or get lost due to the disorienting effects of this substance.

Although the substance may remain in the ground for several years, it breaks down rapidly in just a few hours or days when exposed to the air.

Therefore by the time investigators go looking for a cause of this "disappearing bee" mystery, traces of the substance in the hive may have already dissipated.

All this seems rather conclusive to me, since the ban in France appears to be resulting in a reduction of the incidence of "Colony Collapse Disorder" there.

K. Floyd

How about researching the global CHEM TRAIL spraying & HAARP transmissions? Bees would be the FIRST to be impacted by the Barium & Aluminum Oxides, and the HAARP transmissions that these chemicals are being sprayed to facilitate. Google Chem Trails or HAARP and see that it’s GLOBAL spraying going on.


They killing all bees by spraing chemtrails in US and Europe to wipe out 4 billion people in near future.


When it comes to help pets, dogs are truly in a league of their own personal. Unlike the aloof pet or placid goldfish, which has a pet dog encourages its owner to connect to it, play with the idea, speak with it, run around along with it, et cetera. No other pets mode as strong a bond having its owner as dogs accomplish. Inherently cultural animals, dogs love being the center of attention, meeting new most people and seeing new places. The problem many pet owners face, however, is ways to contain or control their own dog's natural excitement so they really don't jump on guests, run after cars or chew everything in their home ragged.

Dog training is actually the answer - but what is a it? The majority of new dog owners are not sure of the ins and outs of dog obedience training, and are unsure of how exactly to tame little Fido so it does not pee everywhere and chew in the curtains. The good news is actually that dog training instructional classes are fairly common for most cities, and are affordable enough for some pet owners. Even better news is that using a little research, people yourself can train your pet dog using the same techniques and tactics made use of by the experts. Don't expect to become a dog whisperer after reading just one book, nevertheless - dog training is a skill many expert trainers hone over years dealing with hundreds of dogs. But any god owner can easily pick up many useful training skills from reading just one book or attending several classes on dog exercise.

The first thing you should know about dog training could be the different techniques used. Currently you can find two primary training methods used by most experts: collar and leash training, and reward training.

Collar or even leash dog training is not really as popular since that involves physically restraining the pet. It can be, none this less, an effective training way of certain breeds of pet. Collar or leash training is done by controlling the dog's reactions for a various commands/instructions by employing a leash around your animal's neck. The owner exert force over the leash with varying degrees of severity to maintain control of the dog as the exercise progresses. Leash training is a good method to show the dog you will be firmly in charge with the situation and the leader of the relationship. Dogs possess a genetic tendency to go by the leader of this pack, and will actually play you and follow ones instructions more carefully if it thinks you are the leader. While it may seem harsh, collar or leash training is an effective training method where other methods fail.

An additional popular dog training approach, this reward method, is favored by many dog owners when they first try to teach their brand new puppy simple commands. A kinder, gentler and, some may argue, more humane pet training technique, that reward method uses positive reinforcement to teach dogs. Every time your puppy shows some progress in collecting a new command and behavioral trait, you would encourage it by bathing it with praise, really enjoy, together with little treats. The pet will soon repeat doing things that make its master pleased, and in addition keep doing the same principal in the hope involving receiving another treat.

Dog training is not just for kamagra the benefit with the animal. It also helps the owner gain a deeper understanding of their own pet, together with fosters a stronger bond relating to the two.
To do, owning your dog, especially a Jack Russell terrier is a very rewarding experience. I want dogs but I get always love Jack Russell terriers probably the most. A lot of people, especially first-time dog owners are often misled into convinced that when they bring again that cute little puppy, it will eventually increase into an obedient adult dog that can follow all their recommendations like what they see inside movies...

They are going to be in for viagra a shock and miserable time of their lives if they don't accordingly train their puppy - more so in the case of a Jack Russell terrier. Exactly why Jack Russell terriers may very well be different from other dog breeds is they will were originally bred for a hunter. As a seeker, the Jack Russell will display a predator tendency and ferocity. As a hunter, it loves fun, is incredibly energetic, always in search of prey, fearless and is very competent at making its own decisions as well as solving problems on their own.

Don't get worried, you don't have to give that up you cute little Jack port Russell terrier puppy for the reason that can actually be very successfully trained and can become a very good companion. So when you start training your pup? That is a excellent question because timing is fundamental factor in training a puppy. A lot of dog owners start their dog training in the wrong time - prematurily . and their puppy cannot handle the strain of the training; too late and their dog has recently formed bad habits which is difficult to get rid of.

It is recommended you start off with kamagra housebreaking, basic obedience and then followed by advanced training. Ultimately you should also not pick up a puppy from your breeder or the pound until it can be at least 8 months old. Consequently, housebreaking should not even be started until your puppy is about 10 weeks old. The biology behind this is it's important for the puppy and also its particular litter to be together with their mother in the early stages of their lives. Do your best, it allows the puppies to learn the basic instincts together with social norms expected advisors.

Research comes with found that dogs that have been removed from their mother and litter has a tendency to nip as a pup and may develop aggression issues in the later part of their own lives. Socialization is also a critical aspect in a dog's life as it is growing up. Puppy really should not be isolated from other pet dogs or human especially within the first 15 months within their life. You should also attempt to complete the housebreaking for your puppy between 10 to help 12 weeks. It should be used to your house by then.

From time to time, people used crate training to speed up the training process. If you mean to use crate training, plan to start it as soon as you bring your Jack Russell terrier pup home. Crate training will help your puppy to understand that it has to hold on to his pee for some sort of slightly longer period.

Once you have completed kamagra housebreaking, you may then move your puppy to help basic obedience training. The basic obedience training will normally come about when your puppy has grown to around 3 to 6 months old. Depending on your preference, you may train your terrier on your property or in a class. The basic training comprise instructions like sit, lie down, stay, move over and any other actions that you like your puppy to learn. It ought to be very simple and if you use the right approach, you can teach your puppy all these within a few days.

Once ones terrier has completed the essential obedience training, you may then train him in various ways. However if you do decide to teach it new tricks, make sure that it is old enough so as to handle any physical stress that comes with the training. It is recommended that the dog be fully grown before you train them jump, run or dive. The stress on a puppy's body can be immense and stress is regarded as a contributor to dysplasia right after they are subjected to these kind of intense training.

A dog is a big duty. They need lots involving attention, stern authority and the chance to bond with you. Training dogs too early can make them anxious and fearful while training them too late tend to make them aggressive and overbearing. So, make sure you find a puppy at the right age, train him with cue and stay dependable as he ages. By teaching your Jack Russell terrier at a young age, not only are you teaching your dog to understand the role you play as their pack leader nevertheless, you also ingrained those instructions deep into their heads as specific actions they should remember constantly. Those first few weeks may be trying but the extra work you put in comes in very handy when ones terrier reaches maturity together with follows your every command.
Having the kamagra right attitude towards pet training is among some of the most important aspects to successfully train your pet dog. Sometimes you do not realized it but it's having a wrong attitude which might be the case on why your puppy continues to have that will behavior problem and help still there despite efforts you put in to train your pet.

It is not the techniques that are wrong but rather your attitude in doing pet training. So you see, dogs are sensitive to your attachments - more than you might want to believe. Hence the failure or success whenever you train your dog starts right there in your head!

If you're having kamagra problems in your dog training, look at it again. Did you conduct the training full-heartedly or you did the training just half-heartedly because you should do so? When training your dog, di you just go through the dog training quickly to help you get back to accomplish your never-ending reports for your boss?

Are you vigrax using a certain dog training technique in the program you have just bought also, you are in doubt in the event the technique you use to teach your dog might work but you still undertake it anyway because you have already paid for it?

Well if those are the attitudes you have, then it's not planning to work. This is because success in dog training will depend in the first instance on your attitude, approach and how well you recognize and apply the following principles or concepts:

Your pet dog Is An Animal

Despite the fact that your dog is very attached to you and you consider him a part of the family, he or she is still not a human. He ought to be taught and train on where to start and what he can or is permitted to do. Your puppy also learns through repeated steps, so additionally, you'll have to be patient when you train your dog.

Together with his kamagras animal instinct, your pet dog sometimes may exhibit behaviors which might be not acceptable to people. Normally there will be a tendency to punish pet for the bad behavior. When a punishment is needed, remember not to use harsh punishments but rather use the opposite that is reward for good behavior being a positive reinforcement to inculcate superior behavior.

There's no Free Lunch

When dealing with animals viagra your dog included, know that they cannot understand something such since free treat. Sometimes you may be tempted to pamper your puppy but training your dog can be an ongoing process. So to any extent further, make certain you get your dog to work for every treat your dog gets. Consider that for an ongoing dog training process for him. The reason is if you spoil your dog by giving him goodies without him putting any effort to obtain it, he might think that he is qualified for those treats and may choose not to hear your commands.

Who is The Boss?

Pet dogs are basically kamagra pack animals. This implies that by their natural instinct they are going to follow the leader with the pack. By their natural instincts, they will also try to become the leader. To be successful in dog training and have your dog play you and obey your commands, you must be the leader for a dog.

Nevertheless, you must kamagra also be careful and see what type of dog breed your dog is. Blindly putting on the leadership principle if you have a naturally assertive dog like the Jack Russell terrier breed may result in a disaster.
Schutzhund vigrax dog vigrax stands for "protection dog" in Languages like german. And, in the ahead of time 1900s, Schutzhund pet training was established being a sport to assess the dogs' characteristics that were imperative for use within law enforcement-type of work. At first, this German Shepherd breed was the only one that was put in the severities of training. Today, any dog breed may compete.

A Schutzhund dog should have certain qualities that make it a worthwhile breed. For instance, they need to get:

- Agility

- Courage

: Good sniffer vigrax

- Intelligence viagra

: Protection instinct kamagra

In the event the dogs viagra kamagra vigrax pass the tests, and very few accomplish, they are often trained for all kinds of law enforcement related activities which include bomb detection, drug detection and search and test.

The basics Of Schutzhund Dog Training

Schutzhund dog training is an kamagra organized system, which has viagra changed within the last 100 years. The cause for the change is that some folks believed the process was slightly inhumane. Right now, the exercising is strict and firm; however, neglect toward the dogs is not allowed.

Previous training vigrax was founded for a minute number of arranged courses and manuals. Nevertheless, as the training became more widespread and popular, the expansion of educating the dog owner to begin dog training slid into Dvds and videos.

Your test has three phases:

- Tracking

- Submission

- Protection

Might be identified skills vigrax that kamagra should be taught to a dog when he/she can be a puppy like tracking and retrieving, leash training and behavior

Most puppies viagra will show characteristics early on if they meet the many qualifications for Schutzhund dog training. There are variations within each training method but the majority of them focus on four basic skills:

1 - Compliance/Obedience - The main trait sought from your Schutzhund dog is concurrence (or obedience). Most courses have 11 basic commands including but not limited to:

- Back positioning

- Object pointing kamagra vigrax

- Focus and attention viagra

: Retrieving

- Stand

: Sit viagra kamagra

: Down kamagra viagra

two - Clicker Training - Don't assume all single kamagra dog training involving Schutzhunds make use of the clicker training; however, they use a similar technique. This is considered positive reinforcement, which is the easiest method to alter a dog's behavior. Clicker training should be started in the event the dog is just some sort of puppy (around 10 weeks of age).

3 - Protection - Once your dog is young, you viagra want them to know it's okay to bark at strangers and also to approach only when you have given the all-clear. Every dog that displays lack of control, fear or aggression is going to be gone from the levels of competition. While the dog is training, he/she ought to recognize when someone/thing is a threat and be wanting to attack. Nevertheless, they also has to be self-controlled enough to stop the attack in the event the command has been provided.

4 - Tracking - When you vigrax first intend teaching your dog, you'll wish to begin simple. Since cues, use a aiming and pointing associated with objects. Add difficulty to the tracking once the dog becomes more experienced. Schutzhund dog training teaches pet to identify a target's scent and to start giving run after until he/she's been called off.

If you opt to train kamagra vigrax your dog, you might want to improve a certain number of skills your dog may use to finish that task rapidly and effectively. As soon as you're a trainer, you must realise that many dogs struggle to attain the success stage that's.


For a short time while I worked tvelwe-hour shifts, I trained my dog to use a litter box. Remember, the dog is still going toneed regular walks and playtimes. First, you need a bigger box than a cat would use try the kind of plastic storage box that fits under your bed. (If your dog lifts his leg, you'll need an even bigger box, with one side cut out so he can get in.) Then fill it 1/3 full with dog litter or clumping cat litter about twenty to forty pounds.It helps if when you walk the dog outside, you get him to go on command. When you're ready to train him (like on a long weekend), go for an outside walk. When he poops, pick it up and put it in your litter box so there will be a familiar smell. You can do this with urine too, but collecting it is a lot messier!At his next regular walk time, take him to the box and give him your Go command. If he doesn't go after a few minutes, let him leave the box and either put him in a crate or keep him on a leash tied to your belt, so he doesn't have an accident somewhere else. Keep trying this every few hours eventually he'll go in the box. Give him lots of praise. Count on at least a week, before he'll reliably use the box on his own. If you have to go out or go to work, confine him in the room with the box preferably one with an easily cleaned floor. Put an old rug on the floor where he jumps out my dog tracked the litter everywhere. He is not likely to eat his own poop from the box if you clean it out every time. However if he eats any of the litter, stop using it immediately clumping litter can cause a serious bowel obstruction.


It is incredible to see how in the space of a month the hives have deepolved totally different characters, and yes as Brian says one hive is vey feisty, and the other much more gentle but now without a queen. It is a temendous learning experience for all of us adults and young people from Global Generation. Each week Brians colourful stories illuminating the science of bees become a reality as we eagerly peer inside our beautiful cedar hives to record the amount of nectar, larvae, capped brood and honey. This week there was enough honey for a mini harvest and we also discovered about six queen cells on one of the frames. So it looks like there’s a battle ahead, as they work out which one will rule the hive.


My dogs were litter trneiad when we got them. The breeder does it with all litters. It's hard to house break a puppy in a harsh New England winter. One of my dogs still uses a litte box during the day he's diabetic and pee's a lot whenever his glucose levels get too high and it's not reasonable to expect him to hold it while we are at work. The other is 100% house broken.


ALSO, HOW RELIABLE WILL IT BE FOR THE DOG TO ALWAYS USE THE LITTER BOX OR PADS INSTEAD OF SOMEWHERE ELSE INSIDE THE APARTMENT?if ur dog is sick and cant walk far or if the owner is real sick and cant go outside or if its a rainy tdehnury day, how can u potty train a dog to just relieve itself in the apartment in a litter box or pad?please, no rude answers.


We have a small mass of bees that are moving into our ggraae walls. We don't want to try and kill them, but don't really want to pay to remove them. Is there a service around that will do this? We live in Smithville, which is just east of Bastrop.Also, on the link to my website there is a picture there of the bees when they started moving in.Thanks!


Bill:Very sorry to hear about Jeff. How we somehow got the idea that cgearettis were cool is beyond me. Tell Gordon Tony no longer cooks; he mostly sells antiques in York PA (married later, w/ two step children and a grandson); I'm sure that he would be glad to hear from Gordon. (Any of us can be reached at, e.g. .). Joe did just accept a new job, but I think he is tied to OK (he is divorced and doesn't want to leave his daughter). Good luck w/ the War of 1812; if you haven't read it yet, Alan Taylor's new books is quite good.Best,John


Good morning. I found your site after a Sherman tisovileen station discussed bee activity and how to possiblly deal with them. I have had the little guys for several years, in a lower area of my roof. I have tried everything to get them to move, (Different smells). Your site suggests that you have a method of getting them to start a new place, apart from my roof. That would be great, as I will never remove them the hard way. I hope that you can assist.Arthur Miller519 Utley RoadWhitesboro, Texas 76273 / 903-816-1399

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