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May 26, 2007



Was reading today about the 1948 GOP race for the White House. At the convention in Philadephia the forces of Harold Stassen of Minnesota and Robert Taft of Ohio tried to combine to stop Governor Dewey of New York. Dewey won that fight but went on to lose to President Truman of Missouri. The moral here? Not much except I'm glad Dewey lost even 60 years after the fact.


I'd like to say that as Matt's long-lost cousin (Hy!), it doesn't ssirrpue me that he is in Texas. It's a great state and maybe one day I could be there too and have a way cool blog called WhatintheheckisZibsdoinginTexas . Original, eh? I do my best. My hat's off to ya, cuz. Kick butt!


don't actually watch KO, do you?Before you weigh in with sencod hand opinion, you might try doing so.Watch tonight's special comment.Does that sound like someone who is muzzled?I hate to tell you, Larue, but the EASY ANSWER IS ALMOST NEVER RIGHT.


I think that it's Leslie Knope sabotaging your eeinvng. She's running a campaign right now and can't have any Communist Sympathizers in her camp. Switch to American Tea and voila! no more internet fail.wait, not voila, that's French for I Surrender! so rather, TA DA!

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