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June 24, 2007


ernest gonzales

I am throwing a party in San Antonio called Spam the Senate and we are targeting Cornyn.
I need help creating a way of easily sending email messages to Cornyn without using his lengthy webpage form.
Do you have any advice? Also...I have inlcuded a flyer for our party and a myspace link in case you are intersted in helping us spread the word.
Our goal is to overflow his inbox!!!
Ernest Gonzales


As I told Fred earlier, one of my Senators, Mrs. Dole voted saginat the bailout last night. The other, Senator Burr, voted for it. Monday, Mike McIntrye a democrat, my Congressman voted saginat the bailout in the House. I know he has been beaten up by the Dems ever since, so I have NO idea how he will vote on it the second time around in the House either today or tomorrow. See, this is why I have been saying over the past two years we conservatives are going to have to have our own party. The repubs are happy to use us and abuse us, but the bottom line is they don't give a damn about us and would give durn near anthing to be rid of us. We are a burr under their saddles. I really wish I had a political party and a presidential candidate I could get behind and support! I HATE this! I feel sidelined not being in the fight. And I do not like it!J. D. Longstreet


Fred,I am new to this site, but I wanted to see if my seranots had voted for this terrible bill and your site was the first I found that had the info. Anyway I like what I see and want to thank you for making this information public. I was so upset about this bill ESPECIALLY the $110 billion of pork that was loaded on top of the bill because It had to pass. That is absurd to say that. I am so furious about the thing that I too have plegded to do everything I can to oust anyone who voted for this ridiculous bill.


The Perry contributions were from a while back beofre Perry financed the Swiftboaters. His voting record has been thoroughly check and no suspicious votes were found PLUS he voted against tort reform which was the big Perry issue. Perry has so many PACS that it's hard to know for sure where the money is from or his involvement in which PACS.


Tim One of my former csmlsaates from Stanford forwarded your site to me. I wasn't sure at first whether you were one of your younger brothers or not. I have met many of the former ICU kids through Carol and Don and their family. I also met your older sister when she went to ICU for her junior year. Your site is great, and your writing touches the heart. It's great to learn what you are doing. I am still teaching Intercultural Communication at a university, and have a 23 year old son who graduated from the same school last year. Good luck with your work! Mary


Chris,There is nothing in life more ionrmtapt than God, Family and Friends. Since God is a fixed list, we can only hope to grow our family and friend list. Thanks for being in my friend list for more than 30 years. In your corner for the long haul! Greg Pendley

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