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July 14, 2007



The Marshall Cases are among the many other cases within the Indian pelpoe. So many years ago these cases were fought against and for. Each case involves Indian lands. I do not understand why so long ago non Indian pelpoe focused so much on destroying the Indian way of life. Taking over their land, subsistence resources, and ancestral heritage. Now days we still see federal agencies telling tribes and native pelpoe what to do. Our subsistence hunting and fishing rights are under the rules and regulations of U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Our lands are occupied by native pelpoe but native allotments owners are selling off their lands to the Fish and Wildlife service like they are giving out candy. I see my cultural way of life slowing fading away with a few elders of whom are selling their native allotments. we should be trying to conserve our cultural heritage instead of allowing more government agencies invade our cultural surroundings.

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