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October 13, 2007


Arch Bryant

Former Gov. George Ryan entered federal prison today, the third governor of IL to do so in my life in Chicago. And the currenmt one, for whom I voted even though he is an incompetent idiot but at least a Democrat, is also likely to end up under federal investigation. The entire state is now under total Democrtatic control and it is a complete disaster. The governmenrt is paralyzd. Nothing is being done, they can't agree on anything and their lack of agreement is costing us taxpayers millions, maybe billions because we can't even get federal funds for which we qualify because no bills can be passed and signed. The Governor is even taking the Speaker of the House (his former campaign manager) to court because he(the Gov) doesn't like to the time of day he(the Speaker) convened the house for special sessions called by the governor. The IL state government makes the current Iraqui government look like a marvel of effectiveness. I know this doesn't have anything to do with water in Texas, but I am venting.

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