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November 05, 2007



I drove through Bastrop Saturday night but I did not see a comet. That just shows you I was keeping my eyes on the road.

In that Triffid movie the comet led to everybody going blind and man-eating plants taking over the world. I wonder if man-eating plants would have blogs.

Arch Bryant

I had been wondering if you knew about this comet. It has been big news all over Chicago. I ,of course, haven't noticed it, but apparently you can even see it on a clear night in the city. It must be very bright. I'll have to look. It sounds like it was completely unexpected, so is it a new discovery?


Wow, Dad, sorry I didn't notice your comment here for almost three weeks! It's hard for me to imagine this comet being big news anywhere, since I had to "discover" it myself. But then again, I haven't been paying much attention to news of any sort much recently. It's unexpectedly bright (by a huge factor), but the comet itself has been known about for over a hundred years apparently.


Now we know who the sensbile one is here. Great post!


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