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January 03, 2008


Arch Bryant

I agree that Feb 5 is the big day. I'll be in Vietnam then but I can vote here starting the 14th. I'll probably vote for Richardson, who is my real first choice, though I may vote for favorite son Obama. He is well beloved here in Chicago. Mom is thrilled about Hillary's victory tonight and is waiting for you to post something. Claire is probably thrilled too.


Interesting all these blogs everywhere that are syaing Google Maps is showing live results!Bullshit. it's not happening. Just go to the Des Moines Register ( and click on the caucus page. They are updating live results with counts, and more. Google Maps is a TOTAL let down on this.


It does, but not by much. It's not a diet supplement, it won't lose the whiget for you. It only boosts your metabolism slightly. You still have to watch what you eat and exercise. I suggest grazing. You eat pretty much 24/7, but not a lot. Just a little. This method of eating keeps your metabolism at a constant, higher rate. So instead of eating 3 big meals, or 2 because I know some people don't eat breakfast. Eat 6 small meals. I eat 2 1/2 big meals, and graze in between. It keeps my metabolism high and surprisingly for how much I eat, I don't gain any whiget. And not like crash diets, its a very healthy method. But is very healthy for you too-its just not one of those diet supplements .

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