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April 21, 2008



If you think this is bad Dr. Lott, may I suggest a day in court woereuphn you witness what happens to those accused of Domestic Violence?When it comes to pass, that a person can no longer defend themselves, against a false accusation, and conviction is assured, there is no justice. What about this particular problem that you pointed out? Could it be that this too, is a guaranteed conviction?This too, smacks of gender based inequality of justice. If accused, these nasty men must be punished, and rules of evidence be damned!To hide behind so called 'rules', deprives a defendant of any means of presenting a valid case against their accusers, and this occurs on a daily basis.As far as the economic reasons go, I agree with your answer sir, but the important matter here is the loss of rights because of gender. This is the crux of the problem, and Pelosi understand this. This is what she wants. This is what she needs to have people surrender their power to her so she can get more votes, Constitution be damned!I can see the path that this legislation is leading us to. It is the same path that denys others of so many other rights.What penalties shall be incurred by those so convicted? Do they lose their rights to a management level position? Do they lose their pay, their reputation, and or their right to seek employment elsewhere? Perhaps Mr. Lautenberg might put his two cents worth in on this...


Dr. Lott is correct that this law is swyiang the balance in the opposite direction. The concept is equal pay for equal work. I think forthesakeofscience is confusing equal work with equal job titles.The point to make is that you know what your salary is before you accept a job. You can choose to not accept or try to negotiate a higher salary or just take what they offer. Nobody forces anybody to take a job for less pay than they want. You also have the option to leave if you are not happy with your compensation. I've done it several times and have found a great place to work with the salary that I desired. America should be about standing up for yourself, taking personal responsibility and not blaming others for a percieved injustice.

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