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May 22, 2008


Menopausal Mick

Good luck to the group. I've been fighting the developers in the area west of Sea World for over ten years. The developers raped the land so badly that our home became a flood zone. We finally allowed the county to buy us out because they refused to make the developers behave in a responsible way and it was just cheaper to buy out the thirty or so families who were living there when the invasion happened. We were threatened with Eminent Domain if we refused the offer.

We moved to Lakehills and once again, the developers are causing havoc. The LCRA stole some of our new homestead for a high power line that they say is needed for all the new development headed that way. The aquifer in that area is NOT Edwards and it cannot sustain a development rush but nobody seems concerned about that either.

My beloved Texas is NOT the Texas of my youth. Hard work and individualism are no longer prized in this state. The developers rule and what they want...they get, whether it damages the environment or the citizens of this state.

My advice to the new group is to track the money. Find out who has donated to which politician and make it as public as you can. Particularly county commissioners. Get the media involved as much as you can, although with the amount of advertising developers and real estate spend, it is difficult to get anyone to pay attention or report.

And then, be prepared...they will come at you in ways you can't fathom right now. You have to be prepared for a long and hard fought battle.

I'm out of energy. I wish you luck but I'm leaving Texas. I have to find somewhere that still values the natural world...somewhere that trees aren't the enemy...somewhere that wildlife is allowed to co-habitate with humans...somewhere the developers haven't infested and spread their plague like a virus on the land.

Menopausal Mick

Arch Bryant

We call this "pay to play" on Illinois. Pay lots of money to the campaign and then get to do what you want or get special government contracts from those you paid to get elected. Good luck to Menopausal Mick finding a place where this doesn't happen, though Texas seems to have it really bad. One good thing about our current economic collapse is that it will probably slow it down for a time.


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KC,Way to go! Thank you for riding roacss America and telling our girls story, you are an inspiration to us all. I am the mom of Allie who has Rett Syndrome. What you are doing is so important for our girls. Can't thank you enough and our prayers are with you for a safe ride. Never give, that is what Allie has taught me.


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