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July 22, 2008



Yeah, my struggle is about timing also - For 4 years the democrats had the majority in congress - these congresswoman protested NOTHING as woman lost equal rights here and abroad, faith based initiative flourished, abortion became rare due to state restrictions and dead doctors and only repub women fought sharia in the Office of international Women's Issues in the state dept. Dems were too busy using the war to hate Bush to organize to help Muslim women.

Now they want us to vote for their empty suit so suddenly the big push to show us how much Dem's care about women's rights.

Where were these Dem's when Hillary was running on a platform to elevate women's rights? Endorsing Obama? Overtly or covertly? If they care so much about women's rights, let them put Hillary's name in nomination in Denver AND VOTE FOR HER. Then, maybe I won't think all this concern is just to gin up the base the same way the republicans use the fundamentalist Christan's.

No, they can't fool us again - we saw their commitment to women's rights during the democrat primary.

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