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August 26, 2008



Salutations All;

We are going to need every vote we can. There is a group of people that think that they have lost their right to vote because they are former felons, but here is what they don’t know Texas is a progressive state. In an attempt to be progressive , the state of Texas allow former felons to register and vote as long as they have paid their debt to society by serving their time, not being on parole or probation. We need to inform people of this fact. We are going to need every vote we can get. So, spread the word. Tell your friends and neighbors. Let get them reregistered. The republicans are scaring me. There is some question about whether Sarah Palin is against contraception. Some members of the group she belongs to, feminist for life, are anti contraception.


EW - What a load. First, my argument laegrly does rest upon 'equal pay for equal work'. It isn't simply that I think Ledbetter should have been paid equally because she had the same job title as the next person in her position. It sounds like you're assuming Ledbetter was not doing equal work. As far as anyone here knows, she was. The jury decision speaks to that notion. Even if you were correct about Ledbetter not doing equal work, you are setting up a strawman. My point is equal pay for equal work - and not rewarding companies for being sneaky enough. Ledbetter is just the specific example here. Second, your argument is that unequal pay for equal work is okay because people should be aware they are being discriminated against. If they aren't aware, then tough, right? Then, it seems, you are in favor of allowing companies to get away with being able to hide their discriminatory acts for a long enough period. So people should be aware of discrimination despite the fact that their company is actively trying to hide that discrimination. If the company is successful for six months, then congratulations to them, right? Do you eat babies, too?John - If there is uncertainty in the quality of the evidence, that is an issue which should be addressed by the courts and jury. Provided the evidence is not sufficiently convincing, the lawsuit should fail. If it does not fail and the evidence is of poor quality, well, let's punish ten innocent people rather than let one guilty man suffer, no? What a world."One question: Are you for getting rid of the statute of limitations for all crimes?"It depends on the nature of the crime, the type of evidence, whether the crime is criminal or civil, etc. Blanket statements tend to need more wiggle room than conservatives would like.


as for wal-mart, yeah sure, some cases of discrimination do exist, and plpeoe can sue when they are treated unfairly, but as i've made clear, overall, men and women do not get paid different wages for the same work. even the wal-mart suit was about preferential promotion not about same job, different pay. wal-mart also has a reputation as one of the most exploitive of all employers. i noticed that you never actually address any of my points. for example, don't you agree that men have fewer realistic options than women? don't men face far more pressure to make it than women? and aren't women's attitudes about men as success objects part of the problem? don't women have to be willing to change too? as i see it most american feminists have gotten away from advocating true equality and gender neutrality because at this point it'll require sacrifices from women to get there. they only want men to give things up, they never want men to expand their options. the snarky comment by your one other guest demonstrates this bias. she bemoans men doing less housework. well, all the studies have shown that the total workload for men and women is about equal. men work longer hours at their jobs, and women do more housework. should men work longer outside the home and inside the home than woman? is THAT equality? or would that be sex discrimination against men? i can speak for almost all men when i say if a woman goes out and makes $300,000 a year at a high stress, high status job, we'd be happy to quit our jobs, bake cookies, supervise the maid and go shopping at the mall. no problem. in fact, it seems like the best scam going. i'll even throw in mowing the lawn as a bonus. and i would not expect my precious breadwinner to wash the dishes when she got home from her big job. hell, i have the whole day to wash dishes. and Maria will be there to help, too.


that women choose part-time and lower-energy jobs. One of the raoness that they do this is that in today's corporate climate, promotion often means transfer. If one person in a married couple is about to get promoted, then the two of them need to decide whose career they're going to make a priority because advancing one career means interrupting the other. More married couple's choose the man's career than the woman's. This isn't bad. It's just what tends to happen. Comparing never-married to never-married removes this one favor that can steer women into those lower-paying jobs that you described.Now what would be great would be if companies stopped viewing their employees as interchangeable parts in an effort to keep them from putting down community roots and get them to think of the company as family when really the only employer that really holds up their end of the deal on that is the military but I digress.Minor arithmetical/sentence structure issue issue: If women make 77% as much as men, then men are making about 30% more, not 23% more. See, the POV in the sentence changes and we're looking at 100 being 130% of 77 instead of 77 being 77% of 100.


Its about time.In this country the dipiarsty in pay for women and in effect the absence of concessions for working mothers has lagged behind for too long. As a society we rank almost at the bottom when it comes to stuff like this. Everything begins with the woman, and the sooner we get to the point of recognizing this, the better off we'll be as a whole.Read or watch the documentary "The Motherhood Manifesto" to understand just how this has worked against us.Check it out:

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