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January 10, 2009



I love dog parks. For me, they are a great way to exercise and siicaloze my energetic dog that lives in a small apartment with no yard.


Oh, what fun a point by point repudiation would be. Alas, the devetod masses would only see it as keeping fear alive, despite the sanity of truth. I'll just leave it at this, starting your inventory of accomplishments with "Passed Universal Healthcare" as if that meant anything like what it sounds like it should mean, kinda throws your whole argument off the rails like a crazy train.


While you take a very hopeful stcane, this issue will not resolve itself-like many other issues, the government helps guide people so that businesses and individual employers do not have too much power!Many women (and other) have thought they were getting a good wage to later find out that male employees have been given raises that they had not been offered. Since pay is not a publicly known figure within many companies and organizations, it is hard to know if you are getting paid the same as your counterpart. Additionally, depending on the region you are trying to get hired in, you may receive an offer similar to the research you've done but in actuality you could be receiving a lower offer compared to others doing the same work in that specific area. Additionally, many women do not have access to do this kind of research before going into a job- not everyone in the country has internet access. Finally, to criticize many women for settling for a job does not accurately look at all of the circumstcanes they may face. For some women in poverty, whatever job they can find they have to take; this may be in spite of pay discrimination because they need the job so much! This shows the importance of this legislation: for women and others facing pay discrimination issues (ex: race, class, age, sexuality, etc) there should be the option to obtain justice against the employer! So contact your senators today!!

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