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February 19, 2011


Barbara O'Brien

B and B,

My name is Barbara O’Brien and I am a political blogger. Just had a question about your blog and couldn’t find an email—please get back to me as soon as you can (barbaraobrien(at)


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the poor against the working middle class


The Rushpubliscum Party understands its base all too well; they know nothing but hate. Hate minorities, hate non-Christians, hate paying taxes (or any form of sacrifice, for that matter,) hate the truth. As long as the bluehaired bigots of the Lamest Generation can shuffle their walkers and Hoverounds to the polls, the present-day iteration of the Rushpubliscum Party will continue to plague us like a recurring cancer.

vibram five fingers

The Republican strategy is to split the vast middle and working class - pitting unionized workers against non-unionized, public-sector workers against non-public

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Je n'ai jamais trouvé un tel contenu grande et étonnante et fabuleuse solution à mon problème ....... vraiment donner une idée différente de l'application des idées dans la planification d'une manière systématique. merci!


The Republican strategy is to split the vast middle and working class - YES, YES

Texas Insurance

All I know is the next election is gonna be mean. Damn mean.

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They gonna pit older wokers against young workers and the poor against the working class. I think this is pretty amoral and cruel!


SMS , ROI-NA, IPA, ABS, GPS are all a scamWow, do I feel like I had the wool pulled over my eyes by SMS. Along with the last month of my life asetwd working for this SCAM!! My words of advice are to not take a job with them at all!!I started the job as a SAM (Senior Area Manager) and was very excited because they will set you 3-5 appointments a day in your area to run and I figured this should be great as I would assume you could close at least 1 per day with a payout of 91% commission which i thought was very good. Boy was I wrong, as I quickly learned that these were far from qualified appointments at all. (most the time it was just like a cold call walking in off the street) The brilliant business coordinator that sets these appointments completely misrepresents the company to people to get you in the door or just does not tell them anything as to leave the person confused as to why you are coming by or just tells them your in the neighborhood to drop off some information. Well, after weeks of working with the company one thing was sadly true. Once you got to the prospects office they were either a.) never there because they had no true reason to meet with you anyway according to how the appointment was set, b.) tired to tell the BC that they really did not need you to come by but that the BC insisted and was pushy, c.) just thought you were dropping off some info and they would look at it with no agreement to any type of true appointment, or d.) set the appointment because they were under the impression that we were coming in to do business (related to what they do) with their company but had no idea it had to do with advising or consulting. THOSE ARE NOT REAL APPOINTMENTS!!! Hell, even the BC told me himself that if he told the business owners who we are and what we really do we would rarely ever get any appointments. So because this was their style for getting you in the door you were pretty much on the defensive from the moment you stepped into the door for the CONFIRMED appointment.There were just so many red flags I should of noticed that I should have gotten out even soon. One would be the type of people they have working at the home office in the call center when we went on the company visit during the training week there. Most of the people working in the call center looked and dressed like thugs or ex-convicts. (And these were the people setting my appointments) The next thing that stood out to me was the business cards they gave you with no local phone or email info of mine. And the last red flag was that we were a huge company working with hundreds of top companies and we never had a legitimate way to show prospects who we had worked with in the past.Well, after leaving the company with more money spent on expenses then was every made I at least wanted to write this so that the next person considering working for this company has a heads up as to what kind of SCAM they are getting into. ALL GOOD AND BAD SALES PEOPLE NEED TO LOOK FOR ANOTHER COMPANY TO WORK FOR UNLESS THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT TO DEAL WITH EVERYDAY!! I just wish I would of read this page before I asetwd the last month. Thanks SMS!!!


Below I copied nuourmes comments from different sources. I have the comments seperated by linesI was not scammed as a client. I was scammed as a potential consultant. In a few short words, I would rather spend the night in bed with Dracula than be involved with Burgess or IPA. I have never run across such an unethical, unprincipled and utterly amoral operation in my life. I showed up for a one week training session and made up my mind to leave by noon of the first day. Don't take my word for it. I could tell you the horror story. Just Google IPA and John Burgess. You'll vomit.Business owners beware. I spent $4,557.00 to get a report that regurgitated everything I told them that morning. No problem solving at all! They were going by SMS and Global Resources LLC out of Northbrook IL. Did a post-mortum to find out I had been scammed by a guy that was dis-barred and proscuted for soliciting any under-aged prostitute.IPA IBA (SMS, ABS, Global Resources LLC, and every other one of their sly aliases) have extortionists working in every state ready to scam money from unwitting and intimidated small business owners. The only reason why they still operate is because of their equally savvy attorneys and all the contributions they make to Democratic officials in the state of Illinois.Notice how all the new acronym aliases they use i.e. GPS, ABS, SMS have other significant representations. So when a prospect(soon to be victim) does a search online, they will have difficulty finding information on the firm.  The fact of the matter is that they are an extortion-racket of con men that has done nothing, but extort money from from small businesses while being lead by a disbarred attorney who is a convicted felon.I just had a visit from an ABS initial sales rep, presenting a very high pressure sales pitch. I asked him several times what ABS actually does , a question that he kept brushing off. All he wanted to do was to get me to agree to an evaluation which, since the whole spiel smelled fishy, I wouldn't agree to. After twice telling him that I wasn't interested it came close to me having to physically remove him. Stay away from ABS, IPA, GPS, ROI they are all the same scamming company!I actually, their new name is SMS now. I know this because i had a job interview with them 2 weeks ago. After doing my research I declined the job offer. They always change their name to something that can be known as something else to avoid for them to come up on search engines. sms can stand for short message service(texting), gps can stand for global positioning system, abs can stand for anti-lock brakes. The list goes on . they may be douchebags, but they are crafty.


Below is information on the trip to Chicago that is oferfed to train for the position. Please see the attached letter.The problem I had when I was contacted by Global Resources for employment was that I researched Global Resources and did not find anything negative to speak of. The company has a different company name for each step of the process all of which are acronyms and I did not find this out until I was working on the road. The 6 day all expense paid class in Glenview Chicago covered the 2 day client analysis ; it was educational and impressive BUT then the next day I was flown to a client who had no idea why I was there and I had to pay all my own expenses except airfare. This continued every day that week and again the following week. The $150 a day per diem is not paid for almost a month after starting employment (I haven't got my per diem check yet). I quit after I finally had a client that agreed to a 2 day survey which I completed and that the client was happy with and he wanted to sign up for several different consulting services but my supervisor instructed me to leave because the client did not make enough revenue to mess with even though he had means to pay for the triple digit services. For 2 weeks I was yelled at for not getting the big sale of consulting services from the client when all along I thought I was there to provide analysis services to a client that had made an appointment to have a survey done. I quit because I will not be a part of something so deceiving and unethical. I thought we were there to teach the small business owner how to run his business more efficiently and profitable. I feel violated and ashamed of being a part of a process that I was not completely aware of. I quit the minute I figured it out and I was thousands of miles from home. This experience also cost me $1500 and 2 weeks of my time but most of all my dignity. They did pay to fly me home. I pray for all involved.Thank you ExIPA your website has REAL complaints & I wished I had found it before I got screwed. Please use the key word phrase Global Resources as much as you can.


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