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November 10, 2004



That's seems like an good plan, but people will probably complain that they need a simple way to identify the states that voted for Bush and the ones that voted for Kerry. As you point out, the designation of 'red' or 'blue' does more than that, and not necessarily in a representative fashion that is fair to democrats. Can we just redefine 'red' and 'blue' states to mean something other than diehard republican or diehard democrats - something very specific, such as which party got the electoral votes from that state in the last presidential election?


How about "states won by Kerry" and "states won by Bush"? That was how we used to refer to this concept before November 7, 2000.

Trying to re-define "red" and "blue" is not going to work anymore after four years on their meanings being beaten into people by repetition. We just have to drop those terms.


Okay. Let's say I'm sold. Now, how do we sell this to the Republicans?


We can't. This rhetoric benefits them, so they will use it and encourage it all they can. (Perhaps amongst the less partisan Republicans, just pointing out how misleading it is to label whole states like California "blue" when there are millions of Bush voters there will help.)

We need to stop playing along, and if we catch anyone in the media using this terminology, we should write to them and point out why it is so inadequate and misleading.


I support the abolishment of the Electoral College, and the institution of a National Primary Day. If playing up the Red/Blue divide will hinder that effort, then I agree with you. But perhaps it helps?


Hi jdc. I don't understand how playing up the red/blue state talk will help abolish the Electoral College. To do so, we need the support of 38 state legislatures. Artificially dividing the country in 30-31 "red states" and 19-20 "blue states" would seem to me to hinder that effort.

But the benefits of dropping this talk go far beyond the effort to eliminate the Electoral College.

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