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December 28, 2004


Thor's Hammer

Hi Peter,

Nice blog. Followed the link from DU. Sort of a summary comment here, not specifically to this post:

Re: string theory
Have you seen this?

Re: Kos
I understand your frustration, but I think you overreact to his post as well. He appears to be extremely frustrated, as he devotes a large chunk of his own time to the cause, and to see the campaign botched the way it was must have been galling.

Re: your 'about': it's spelled 'junkie', not junky



Thanks for your comments, Thor's Hammer.

As for the string theory article you link to, entitled "The first evidence for string theory?", I can't read the whole thing, so I can't comment on much of it. From what I've read about it on other blogs, however, any claim of a new phenomenon such as cosmic strings seems very premature.

As for Kos, I do appreciate his efforts, but he isn't the only one devoting a large chunk of his time and money.


I forgot to say, thanks for the kind words about the blog, and for the spelling correction. I hate that word, though, so I think I'll just eliminate it entirely.

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