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December 07, 2004


Bob Alagna

Dear Physicists and Mathematicians,

I have been reading about string theory for awhile
now and I haven't seen any 'weaving-in' of the relatively new discovery that electrons are in fact dipoles. It would seem to me that the proposed 'theory of everything' would have worked
this amazing discovery into the mix. It makes one
wonder that perhaps even protons are dipoles with
their negative 'ends' masked either by some hidden
dimension,their proposed 'Superpartners' or interaction with some as yet undiscovered particle. Or maybe the Strong force itself is just a different flavor of the 'electro-weak' forces that has managed to hide it's gluon because
it has an undiscovered spin. Anyway, I'm not a mathemetician or a physicist. I'm just someone who is increasingly curious about what is really happening in High Energy Fields. My overall impression of the Theory is that math is being used as a 'crutch to explain so many things that we are clueless about. One theory I have about Dark Matter is that it is somehow inversely related to Gravity, (Gravitons). Could the Gravitons 'Super-Partners' be concentrated in
Dark Matter areas ? Does the escape of Gravitons
outside the Universe's P-Brane necessitate an
equal retention of Super-Partners in the Dark Matter areas ? I hope someone can straighten me out on these questions because I seem to have eclipsed my ability, (limited as it may be) to understand, (or even postulate), anything further..

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