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March 15, 2005


Bryan Weidner

I agree with Jay Millikin comments that would seem to urgent that county governments be given more regulatory powers concerning growth within their own backyard. I do have a concern that the interests of the developers will have the priority of the elected county officials over the rights of property owners. I wish I had Mr. Millikin's leadership over my precient in Comal County. I'm susspect as to my commissioners true concern over preserving the natural beauty of my part of Comal County when they recive support from campaign fund raising by developers. Comal County is presently persuing an effort to claim right of ways in the county which do not exist in any form of documentation. In one year, I was told a forty foot right of way existed only to told in less than six months that it had grown to sixty feet and tomorrow it will be eighty feet. I suppose I shouldn't be suspect of intensions when at the end of my property is an entrance to a new subdivision developed by the same political campaign fund raising developer. I've even been told my Grandfather was a liar, the family tradition was that the right of way was only ten feet; I was told that I never maintained my property, but I mowed it since I was ten years old or for the past forty years. The property has been in our family since 1853 but like other pieces of beautiful land and small communities it isn't how long you've existed but rather who wants improve your life. I don't mind neighbors and it is the right of any land owner to do with their property as they seem fit but not at the expense of the neighbor. County governments are elected, it takes money to run for office and developers or special interests can select your candidates for you because of it. Then the generational family property owners are at their mercy as debts are paid and profits are made at their expense when the power is wheeled for the benefit of that special interest. I know that the county governments need more power to control te growth within but who truely will be in control.


Thanks for your comment, Bryan. I certainly share your concerns about county officials being bought-and-paid-for by developers. I would hope for some kind of campaign reform in addition to getting the legislature to grant counties the power to regulate.


When does Construction begin in Comal County?

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