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March 28, 2005


concermed citizen

Water rights belong to the land where the water is at. It should be illegal to ever sell a water right out from under the land. The only way water should ever be allowed to leave the land where the water is at should be by a yearly lease of up to only 50% of the water, to be either yearly renewed, or not renewed, at the option of the owner of the land where the water is at. When water rights permanently leave the land where the water is at, then the value of the land immediately decreases, and eventually becomes worthless. EVEN IDIOTS KNOW THIS!


Water property rights is a very different issue from what I was posting about. But I'll try to reply to your comment anyway.

You say "Water rights belong to the land where the water is at." But the problem is that the water doesn't stay put, even in underground aquifers. It flows around. Water under your land one day may be under your neighbor's at a later point.

So this is an unworkable solution once demand for water exceeds a certain point.

This is, in part, why water district such as the Edwards Aquifer Authority were set up in the first place. Otherwise a single unscrupulous landowner could end up monopolizing a large fraction of the water in the aquifer. (Apparently such a situation occurred in San Antonio in the early 1990s, shortly before the Edwards Aquifer Authority was created.)

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