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March 16, 2005



Excuse my ignorance, but if the American people don't want drilling in the refuge, the oil companies aren't particularly excited about the prospect of drilling there from a bizness point of view, the amount of oil that is predicted to be present in the refuge isn't sufficient to have a significant impact on the US's foreign dependence on oil, and it would be years before the oil wells started pumping anything anyway, then what in the heck is motivating our oily leaders to pursue this difficult battle in Congress?


Certain oil companies (BP) definitely aren't excited about drilling the Arctic Refuge, but others (ExxonMobil) may well be, and I presume are. I think we all know why the Bushies/GOP are pushing this for the oil companies. Another reason, though, is that they are doing this because they can, and they love to stick it to their opponents.

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