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March 29, 2005



I've been looking for a lot of info on this, and I think I just found it. Thanks for posting! I too have some problems with this. Should be interesting to see how it plays out, to say the least.


You're welcome. At times like these, I am quite glad the legislature only meets for a few months every two years.

Dominic Robles

I need to speak to someone about the corruption being done in Walmart that affects each and every consumer. A terrible injustice is being done. Walmart needs to be held accountable before it is too late. They have been committing fraud on such a wide scale range and it has cost the tax payers in billions of dollars. I am a current employee of Walmart with vital information that could endanger the lives of me and my family. I need to let people know before something might happen to me. I can be contacted at 830-276-3930. Thank you.

Dominic Robles

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