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April 22, 2005



Thanks for presenting those interesting reports.

One thing that I've noticed is that it's hard to recognize discrimination, even in ourselves. We all need to keep on questioning our own beliefs about discrimination issues until at last they truly become "our own" beliefs, rather than just one's inherited wholesale from others.

What do you think -- even if everyone was convinced that, on average, gender bias still exists in the workplace, then I'll bet that most of those same folks would say "but...not at MY workplace" or, "certainly not involving ME". Yet, gender bias must be pretty darned prevalent, because the wage gap trends keep showing up on a national level. It takes a huge number of individual discriminatory actions all across this country and in every field (except the 11 possible exceptions you mentioned) to make trends like that! But like other forms of discrimination, gender bias is often so deeply imbedded in one's world views, that it takes a persistent and conscious effort to eradicate. Blue blankets for boys, and pink ones for girls. The gender distinctions (e.g. limitations) start early in life, but not all of them are harmful. Or, are they?

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