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May 16, 2005



I haven't been keeping up. Maybe you can point me in the right direction. Is the idea that NASA wants to redistribute its resources toward mars and moon missions, at the expense of missions that collect scientific information about our own planet? If so, how does NASA justify that decision, given global warming and other earth-based pollution issues that are poorly understood, but that may threaten the health and safety of humankind? If not, then what's up?


Yes, that's the basic idea. A vague goal of future human exploration of the Moon and Mars is taking precedence over pre-existing scientific projects. I covered this in a couple earlier posts that may be helpful, here and here.

The justification, according to NASA, is Bush's (underfunded) Moon/Mars directive. The excuse is that NOAA and other agencies will take up the slack. Of course, NOAA has no money to do so, as certain congressmen pointed out a few weeks ago (and as covered in the first of my earlier posts).

This administration's antipathy to science in general and anything related to global warming, in particular, is also well documented. So I don't think it's surprising that Bush's NASA has targeted Earth science missions for squeezing.

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