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May 23, 2005



Hi Peter,

In all fairness I did say I spoke from total ignorance. I also spoke with a lot of tongue in my cheek. My intent was to give my opinion as a foreigner who finds even the Dems too right wing that neither party has clean hands in respect of serving the American people on this issue. Maybe I was wrong in that, but that is how it feels.

It looks like quite a lot of Republicans agree with you, only they are balming the radical Christian right. I blogged the fracture in the GOP today.

In particular, John Cole, a Republican with a brain, sounded off in a rant on this very subject today:

So, wingnuts, you have set the stage. I understand I am either with you or against you, and you are unwilling to advance any legislation I think is sensible, and you are unwilling to to think twice about things I dislike. I get it- you want my vote and you want me to shut..up. I get it- with you or against you.

But let me warn you- the Democrats just don't seem that damned scary anymore. You people have me to the point that if it were 2004 all over again, and I knew what I know now, I don't know if I necessarily would have pulled the lever for that two-faced weasel Kerry, but I would have found it EXCEPTIONALLY difficult to vote for Bush.

Regards, Cernig


Hi Cernig, Thanks for your comment and pointing me to that rant from John Cole. If the money GOP drives away the fundies, that would be great news for the future of this country.

The political atmosphere in this country has been deplorable since at least 1995, with the Gingrichites/Delayicans running the country into the ground in Congress. Back when Democrats ran the show, in 1993-1994, I don't think you would find much right-wing in the policies that were being promoted.

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