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July 09, 2005



The Democratic Party should focus on cities, leave the stagnating hillbillies to the GOP, and sigh "good riddance".
Exactly the reason Democrats have such a hard time winning.

Kevin Rosinbum

Isn't it uncannily disheartening to finally hear, with the kind of zeal so many conservative authors, pundits and columnists have been using for years and years, the same polarizing and unyielding voice coming from liberal Democrats? I believe enough was finally enough, and this is quite literally a taste of conservatives own medicine. If the polarization is not stopped it will only make things worse. Liberals have listened to all sides for years; conservatives have not and this is the result. I suggest a new approach or else the words of Alan Paton may surely be realized, though in an entirely different context, of course.
"I have this great fear in my heart that one day when the white man turns to loving he will find we are turned to hating..."

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