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October 19, 2005



What are they going to do next - brand the civil servants like cattle so that they can be recognized from a long way off? "These here cows and their cowering cow hearts belong 'with US' on the Crawford Rainch near Waco, and them thar hungry-looking cows belong to the 'Against US' rainch over there near the unemployment lines."

I wonder what concrete motives were put forth in support of this program, how they will measure it's success, and who will be held accountable if the program goals are not reached.


All you good people out there in blogger space please, keep your eyes on the ball. This loyalty oath balony might just be a distraction to keep attention off the changes in NPS Management Policies. That's where the real action is. The new policies were just published in the Federal Register for public comment -- changes largely driven by the aforementioned Cheney appointee. The public comment period is open I think for 90 days.


Thanks for the tip. Here's an article about the new management policies from the San Francisco Chronicle.

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