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October 04, 2005



When all the lawyers and contractors met to coordinate the "reconstruction" of New Orleans all they could say was there was plenty of money to be made. Yet more billions for KBR and subcontractors but the poor of New Orleans will now have to choose between getting their houses rebuilt and their benifits cut. Now that's Compasionate Conservatism...or is Latte drinking...I forget, it's so hard to tell the difference.


KBR and subcontractors

Is Shaw truly a subcontractor under a KBR contract? Cite, else you are just reflexively demonizing KBR.


I have no knowledge of Shaw subbing for KBR. I only note that where a large pot of money sits, there circles vultures.

KBR never saw a pile of money that it didn't think should be turned into concrete. Politicians sitting on piles of money never met a KBR rep they were too busy to entertain. Remember the $2billion proposed power plant that became the $6billion STNP? I pick on KBR because it has become the government's one stop shop. It ain't Walmart. It's more like Neiman Marcus.

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