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January 12, 2006



You're killin' me, Peter! Did you see a Bald Eagle or not?


Hi Megan! I can't be giving away the next installment ahead of time, can I? Did you enjoy the Snowy Owl story at least?


So very lucky to see a snowy owl! I have reports of them all around me in eastern Ontario and I still haven't seen one.


i am so happy to hear that you spent some time in my other beloved home; seattle! your story reminds me of one snowy morning about nine years ago (was it that long ago?!) when i was a zoology grad student. after the class that i was TAing ended, i left the building and discovered a snowy owl perched atop a gargoyle on the facade of Savery Hall, overlooking the quad. unfortunately, this so happened to be one of the few days that i did not bring my binoculars to campus with me, so i ran back to the zoology building, looking to grab a pair of binoculars from someone else. i ended up grabbing Gordon Orians, who wanted to see the bird also, and we both ran through the snow so we could look at this wonderful owl, and ended up talking with the growing crowd of students, professors, birders and reporters.

we returned to our offices after several hours, frozen, happy and pleased that we had also made a good start to our own friendship in the process.


Arch Bryant


I just reread this. Did I tell you how much I enjoyed it, even though I am not a birder?


Very cool. Thanks, Dad.

mark dacosta

hello just a test to see if works

mark dacosta

good hello everyone i hope we all are having a HAPPY NEW YEAR i have the best story to tell you people im 24 a turaus and have seen the most powerfull thing some one could ever see and yes i had no camrea :( , but this was the best moment that brout this new year to exilince/ yesterday at like jan/2007 i have seen a SNOW OWL , i was walking for qute a bit in the cold i live in winnipeg ,,i was walking ,,it snowed hard ,i was cold i was walking for about3 hours and my foot was aboul to handle it it has been a long time sinec i been aboul to walk so far with my foot that has been reconstucted , i was lucky to still have my foot,my accidind was about 7 years ago,BUT ON WITH THE STORY,i was about 13blocks away walking on the sid of the road cause the sidwalks were coverd with like 7 feet of snow cause it snow hard that new years eve heading home 01/01/2007 i was cold a bit but still feeling good allmost home walking on the road i see carlights almost hit me the car i say, than they stop look like there going to get out and beat me up but i tak off my ear phones and walk fast to there car and they take off,wow close incouter i say,they look young and look like they wanted to start something but i scard them ,hehe,so i keep walking and looking up in the sky smelling the air and keep enjoying this painless walk im having so wounderfull i say i love the outdoor crisp air such a lovelyfeeling ,i was afrad of the cold but god helped me, still walking and just loving every min. my mp3 player dies my hands start to become stiffer ,,4 blocks away im almost home and nothing going to stop me from enjoying this cold weather ,, i see a car is stuck ,, and what i think is a person that does not know this person that in strying to help this person stuck but shoveling around this car i think this person was a person who lived out front where this guy was stuck, in my mind i was like im just going to pass scine i almost got beat up and scine i was cold , but i was thinking mabey this person can give me a ride home if i help, so i ask how are you guys you need help and the guy with the shovle was like umm yeah i think we need your help ,,and in my head i knew he did cause lol he was jumping up and down with his bum trying to put wight to the tires to get him out,,is a good idea but usaly dosint work,,so he is like yeah we need your help and i drop my bag that had my tobbacco and roling machine and tubes, i rubb my hands and say i dont know how good my hands will wokr cause iwalked from shurburen, hes like wow thats far,,it made me feel good to know i was aboul to still do that,so me and guy grip guys frount bumper and with 1 easy push the car gets unstuck , but wait do you think i asked him for a ride? no i didint i felt that i helped him just to help him,and not to help him just for a ride , it made me feel good just to help him and ask for no ride ,no he did not ask. 6 more blocks to go and the cold is getting more hard on my hands ,at lest i hade strechy gloves i roll a smoke wyle walking ,try to grip my tin and hold my plastic has hard my hands were cold , but i pulled it together wyle walking it was amazing finisd rolling i light up my smoke and walk some more 4blocks away foot feeling good still wow,,so i look up at the sky again and say in my head boy this is aswome ,,this worl everything ,this air that moon the stars such a clear night sky ,i ture to go down a ally 3blocks away from home at the end of the ally i look up again to the sky than poof,, i see a SNOWY OWL ,so white, wings so big gliding down to land on a big/tall pine tree, but WAIT in the moment of him gliding in the air when it turnd sorta to land i seen a SHOOTING STAR right above it when its wing were spread before it landed it was remarkabul a shooting star and the same time a snowy owl in one quick veiw ,,,the owl landed on the tree and i walked quicky to the corner of the street but tryed not to take my eyes off the tree top when i reached the corner i took my hood off and just looked i saw him just sitting there,i looked in just aawww, than a turck coming from behind me was rolling by and stoped and looked at me ,and took off he was probuly thinking i was on some good drugs but i looked back up he was still there it was just me and him so i started to hoooot ,,hoooo hooooo hoooooo and then he just swooped with out flaping , and swooped away in the night,, i think that was the most,,,THE MOST impressive new years i have ever had,, thank for your time im reading my story and have a happey new year,god bless us all,,,what was my wish,i cant say cus it wont come true if i say :P

mark dacosta

oh yah the snowy owl looked at me to// I LIVE IN WINNIPEG/MANITOBA/EAST KILDONEn


I live in South Seattle and have never seen an owl in the city. So imagine my surprise when I was driving home from work (around 6:30PM) to have something white fly in front of my car swoop up and land on the telephone wires in front of me. At first I thought it was a seagul (it was a white blur) because of the coloring, but once it landed on the wires it stood and stared in my direction and it was a beautiful owl. I came online to do a little more research about owls and found it was a snowy owl, very rare in our area. Thanks for sharing this info.


Melissa, Thanks for your story. That must have been quite a thrill to see a Snowy Owl in those circumstances. It is also interesting to hear that they are back in the Seattle area two winters in a row.

Michelle Charlton

Hi there! My son is doing a grade 4 project on endangered animals. We are trying to find out the exact amount of snow owls still living today. Any suggestions ? We are also looking for a list of groups that are preserving these endangered species.
Thanks for your help.

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