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January 16, 2006


Jaded Thea

This is a good post - you pulled a lot of pertinent quotes. Thanks!


Jaded Thea, it looks like you have some more info on Teshekpuk Lake at your site. I'll have to take a look.


If you guys read up on ITER. You will see that some of the scientists are saying that Fusion is now technically possible. But they have been saying that for years. I'd like to put the people on the spot. If there lieing put them in jail. I hate it when resources get wasted on fraudulent adventures. I suspect that these guys have self interest. Like creating work for themselves.


The USA needs to get its own energy sources. Its a national emergency. Get the oil out and make it only for the USA. But there has to be plan to fix it in the future. I doubt electric vehicles are a short term fix. The toyota prius is a joke but they pulled it off. The big car companies in the usa have been hurt by steep oil prices. I think Fusion might be the go. But the scientists have talked about it forever. I get annoyed when a so called scientist always makes excuses why it didnt work or that its just around the corner,and they pretend its too hard for us plain folks to understand. humbug

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