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February 04, 2006







If this wasn't the status quo with the "shrubbery's administration, it would almost be a funny story

Marc Buhler

Having googled "george deutsch nasa", I am struck by how the press releases feature "Heck of a job Georgie" along with an Erica Hupp from "NASA HQ" and then some other person from JPL, Goddard or another of NASA's divisions as if they were "primary authors" of the press release.

It's as if he was an expert on about 100 different types of project, able to write about them in detail. But when you go to the link provided "for more information", you find exactly the same information as
in the press release in those resources. I guess PR people do this, but plagerism of NASA's technical staff, who obviously wrote the sources that became the press release, as if you were involved in the project and understood the material, is still plagerism even
though you work within NASA. Each release gives both the NASA HQ phone number for George and the other HQ "author" for contact, and a number for whichever NASA section actually was involved, but is he really the spokesperson for NASA on all of these projects?
(It'll look good on his CV, I guess.)

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