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March 07, 2006


Mark Harden

Dunbar homeschools her children and believes, according to a press release on her web site, that "all students should be taught to be patriots."

The fact that you imply there is something WRONG with that is a perfect illustration of the impassable gulf now existing in our nation between the left and the right.

Seriously, I hope you mean to say not that being patriotic (which is, after all, what being a "patriot" means) is bad...but, rather, that you presume the act of instilling such patriotism will be tainted by jingoistic propaganda or intolerance or some such bugaboo. Right? If so, what is your basis for this presumption?


That sentence was actually supposed to be an attempt to give some straight information on Dunbar. I was not trying to imply anything, positive or negative. The "all students should be taught to be patriots" line is straight from her campaign website.

What Dunbar means by "patriots" is, of course, unknown to me right now. Unfortunately over the last few years we've learned that many of the right-wing side of the political spectrum are all too eager to use that word as a substitute for their own ideological beliefs. So I have my concerns.

Mark Harden

I was not trying to imply anything, positive or negative

C'mon, Peter. You selected that particular statement from among many "lines straight from her campaign website" to imply that she is some sort of jingoistic red stater.

"Not that I'm questioning your patriotism" or anything...


I have some explicit criticism of Dunbar and Mercer in this post. So, if you support them, I find it odd that you object to alleged implicit criticism in my use of a direct quote from Dunbar--one of the few non-boilerplate ones I saw on her campaign website.

(And by the way, I am proud to be a "red stater" myself. "Red staters" aren't all Republican, you know.)

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