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June 06, 2006


Jimmy K.

Hmmmm, try to cut down a tree in San Antonio and the city wants to charge you 2 or 3 thousand dollars. But, let the government do it and it's just fine, glad someone stood up.


Who originally came up with the phrase 'tree hugger'? Doesn't it hold a negative, anti-progressive type of connotation -- presenting the image of environmentalists as extremist weirdos? If so, maybe we should think of another, more positive, phrase for citizens who appreciate the virtues of trees, like...uh...I dunno.


I was using 'tree hugger' in a satirical sense. After all, the citizens of rural central Texas are normally considered the antithesis of the image of a 'tree hugger'. Yet it turns out they may share some of the same values, after all. :-)

Richard Arons

The Texas hwy dept. is starting construction on a replacement bridge in San Saba county on CR 228 and I, one of the land owners, am trying to save an old oak several feet diameter and two pecan approx. 2 feet diameter. The prints show to save the oak and destroy the pecans. They are planning to drill under the canapy of the oak and escavate and futher trim the branches on north side of the oak. Who can I talk contact for information on my rights and options to save especially the several hundred year old oak?

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