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December 22, 2006



Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I am so happy to have discovered your blog, also. You are doing terrific work! This is a great post about the other San Antonio area progressive blogs, because I too have been concerned about the loss of some of the good San Antonio bloggers.

Mike Thomas

Thanks for the update and the plug!
Here is one you might not have seen - She is not strictly a political blogger but she is definitely on the progressive team and appears to reside in or around San Antonio.


Thanks, muse, and thanks Mike for the Pulp Friction link. That certainly looks to count as a San Antonio progressive blog.

Thanks for the nice words about our blog

Thanks for finding our group blog, The Kendallian, and for complimenting us as well. We try. With a house full of 9 people, I don't have much time to do anything, but

I sure try to keep our blog updated with things that interest me. I just wish that blogspot was as easy (and fun) to work with as my myspace blog. My myspace is my place to put things I would never put in the Kendallian or progressive grannie's kitchen. It's With the mypsace bulletin feature I can send instantly to all "my friends." I know that mostly kids use it, but that is why I have a site there. That way my kids and grandkids have me linked and progressive information makes it way around.

The more we blog, and get noticed, the more folks may pay attention.

I am sure that you get your share of idiots, and nasty comments, but I feel it's worth it.

Please feel free to send suggestions and constructive criticism. This is a continual learning experience!

I do like your site as well, wish I had found it earlier.

Keep on blogging!

Thanks for the nice words about our blog

question, it typepad great for a Mac? I googled and noted they had widgets for typepad which is obviously mac/apple related.


Thanks. Alas, I can't say if typepad is good for a Mac or not, as I don't have a Mac -- it's fine for what I do.

Amazingly, I haven't had nasty comments since the 2004 election. Hopefully that record keeps up!


I can add 3 blogs to that list:
Maverick Views
Hell's Handmaiden
and my own
Dyre Portents


Thanks for pointing these out.

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