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January 03, 2007


Sir Oolius

Thanks for clearing that up...when I first saw that story my sniffer told me something's prolly a bit over-spun.

Ranger X

Thanks for pointing out the differences between the archived and current natural history pages on the GRCA official site. I know that the NPS updated the look and content of its webpages recently [pages I've tried to find on other sites are gone, including Sequoia's "virtual visitor center"], and wonder if the explanation is that simple, or if there is something more pernicious happening. Worth investigating.

On a side note, I've found some modern visitor centers to be bloated, expensive, soulless, and lacking detailed science. However, I find most interpretive staff to counter this well. Anyway, for many reasons visitors should avoid centers and get into nature!


Indeed, why go to the national parks if not to get out into nature and learn about the natural history directly from the staff? Thanks for the comments, Ranger X and Sir Oolius.

this is the only site i have been 2 that has when the grand canyon tells me when it became a world heritage site!

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