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January 23, 2007



‘It’s JUST wood smoke’.

For those who don’t know what’s in the wood smoke that you’re breathing, you should read the Surgeon Generals report on what’s in 2nd Hand Smoke and understand why laws have been created to protect you from it.

It is dangerous to our health.

Now is the time to panic because wood smoke is hundreds of times more dangerous than cigarette smoke. The government agencies responsible for air quality control have many laws to govern the quality of our air and water. Government employees responsible for enforcing the health and safety of the tax paying citizens depend upon complaints FROM the citizens. If a taxpaying citizen wants official ACTION, they must file a complaint and write the word ‘Complaint’ describing their health problems that have resulted from ‘smoke exposure’. The government officials are then required to respond with an on-site investigation and a written report back to the complainant. The management of this fire has been a typical government response.

First official report was ‘It’s JUST wood smoke, everything is fine’, anticipating that this inaccurate announcement, would prevent any further public complaints, making their cushy government jobs much easier.

If the public had been advised of the truly dangerous elements in wood smoke, such as Benzene, Dioxin, Formaldehyde, and heavy metals, it would have caused public panic and thousands of written complaints which would have caused the government officials to have to earn their salaries.

Wood smoke IS dangerous to our health, especially to our elders and children.

If you can smell it, the damage has started. Short term damage to our health, appears as cold or flu like symptoms, for which there is no effective treatment available.

Long term damage to our health caused from exposure to the chemicals in wood smoke, are nerve damage, irreparable respiratory damage, and gene mutations. Wood smoke has been known to cause asthma, deformities in unborn babies and last but not least CANCER.

Because this has been declared an official disaster, ALL expenses for damage to your health and Your house can be paid for with funds available for disaster relief. All contents of your home should be completely cleaned and decontaminated from the toxic elements from the wood smoke.

The property owner has apparently done everything possible in trying to stop this from becoming a disaster.

Please control your smoke down there, we don’t want it up here in Johnson County.

A concerned mother and Research Specialist,

Lisa LaFosse’

jared stone

Yeah, the mulch fire is totally crazy. Hopefully it will go out before MARCH!...I've found some interesting sites on the subject, but the most random/ridiculous is I can't believe somebody actually made such a useless site...

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