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January 12, 2007



Blaming bloggers for a lack of spine in the legislature seems to me to be a stretch.

54 Dems held together for the procedural vote. All the Pitts side had to do was come up with enough to protect the voting secrecy, and they couldn't do that.

Now, the Iscariot Caucus sold out. Plain and simple.

What's yet to be revealed is for what and to whose benefit.

It's possible they can redeem themselves, if they get tangible, concrete results for their districts and the rest of Texas-and I don't just mean pork.

But that's not something that's going to happen in advance of delivery.


Thanks for the comment, boadicea -- and the welcome on Texas Kaos.

I'm still unclear on how the choice of one Republican over another can be considered selling out. As unseemly as Craddick is, would Pitts really have been much better in practice? The character of the GOP caucus is the same either way, and they run the show.

If it had been a Democrat running for speaker against Craddick, the choice would have been crystal clear. But this case was not, in my opinion.

John cobarruvias

Yea. Thats the ticket. Blame the bloggers for not having any balls.

What a concept.

Craddick is as corrupt as Tom DeLay. The only people you can blame are those who voted for this corruption.

If you cant have any balls and admit you dont have any balls, at least dont blame bloggers.


John, I certainly did not blame anyone for "not having any balls." All I said was that the tactics of some were, in my opinion, a mistake.

To gain something from this loss, I am hoping that we can figure out why it happened, despite reported extremely wide dissatisfaction with Craddick. The 15 Craddick Dems should not have been the margin, as they never were dissatisfied apparently. The explanation lies somewhere in the sixty-some GOPers who stuck with Craddick rather than pick another of their party despite the misgivings of many of them. My post above is a plausible suggestion for why this happened.

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