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February 08, 2007


Stephen Colley

Assuming that the mulch pile, which also supposedly contains whole or un-mulched trees, comes from sites where once were great tree cover, it's a tragic irony that if the trees were not removed and piled up in such an enormous pile, they would be available to filter out many of the toxic gases found in the smoke. But of course, if the trees were not removed to perform this valuable service, there wouldn't be a burning mulch pile in the first place. Are there still those out there who do not realize the importance of a Tree Protection Ordinance? Oh, and add into the mix the danger of contamination of our water supply, and tree protection becomes even more urgent.

Ramon Smitherman

I am upset about the lousy way Helotes is responding to the mulch fire. While everyone has to tolerate their pollution and suffer from related respiratory issues, the residents of Helotes act defensive and controlling. Today I drove by the fire to see if any progress is being made. I was pulled over and had my way blocked by a woman in a small car. She told me that I was not welcome there and that if an accident occurred she didn't want to be bothered my blaming her.
I was on a public road. I asked had I missed a sign which said the road was a private road. She said no but there are businesses on it and if I was not conducting business there I should not be there.

This seemed very callus. Everyone has to live with their mess, everyone is supporting the clean up, the road was build with public monies and yet this person wants to control and drive away people. If not for the support and residents of San Antonio, Helotes would be nothing more than a one horse cow town with dirt roads.

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